Car Starts Then Dies Then Starts Fine

Car Starts Then Dies Then Starts FineCar starts then dies immediately. Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule with a professional can help to avoid getting stuck. It’s as if somebody suddenly turned off the ignition. Thread starter coffy42; Start date May 12, 2019; Watchers 6; 1; 2; The car will not start past two seconds. Asked by havoc_33 Apr 12, 2011 at 09:21 PM about the 1994 Dodge Dakota Club Cab RWD. AAA came to tow to shop, said battery was fine. However, if the battery is close to wearing out, you will not be able to restart the. If gas is applied quickly and not let off for 3 minutes, then all is good. It’s not always your fault for failing to refuel. 1991 Mustang GT Starts then dies immediately. WHAT I'VE TRIED: Ciphoned the gas and put …. camry99owner said: [MENTION=891065]This happens only when I start the engine for the first time in a day. Reconnected battery and it started. With the IOD fuse reset having been performed, verify that the vehicle will now crank, start, and run. I then re-attempt to start it and it starts up fine and drives fine. Went to pick up my car from the Body Shop today, repairs after my accident are complete. 99 even momentarily- then releasing it, initiates a "start sequence", which is computer-controlled, and runs the starter for a few seconds on its own. This often happens because there is a small amount of fuel in the fuel rail - which is enough to help the engine start - but there is no fuel pressure to keep the engine alive. You will have to let your engine cool off before your crank position sensor will begin to work again. car starts and idles but wants to die if press gas. The engine does run for 3-5 secs. I worked on a car day before and had battery disconnected. This will cause the computer to reset. A year ago in the early spring we replaced the alternator, starter, fuel pump, lines, filter, dropped and cleaned the tank, fuel coils, repaired / replaced almost all injectors, spark plugsSince April of last year, every few months my Car would have a hiccup of. If it continues to run after ten or so seconds, then everything is ok. A car that starts over but doesn't start and dies , in many cases this problem will be due to a bad fuel pump, a broken timing belt, an inoperative cam sensor or crank sensor. Basically it is rebooting the control. A classic reason why your car starts for a second then dies is battery depletion. Cheap part replacement, most often time under $20. my long term fuel trim has went from 0% to -5% to now -7% when idling (before it broke down) over the past month and a half, maybe suggesting that a sensor was going bad or that the pressure regulator was going bad. Car batteries can die for a huge range of different reasons, and there’s always the …. On average, the cost for a Honda Civic Car starts and then dies Inspection is $95 with $0 for parts and $95 for labor. Use some dielectric grease on them to protect from corrosion, and reasseble. If the alternator is not working correctly, it may not provide adequate power to keep the engine running or recharge the battery. Car starts as normal, runs 4 seconds, then shuts off. The car starts right up, but dies immediately. 1992 Mercedes 300E with 160,000 miles that I’ve owned for 15 years. I have 98 GT with about 140K on it, no real problems other than basic issues. Could just be a cold start issue. every morning when you go to start it, it starts then dies. It will start up just like normal and after a couple seconds immediatly shut off as if youre turning the key off. A fuel pressure regulator is in charge of regulating the pressure of the fuel flowing through the system. You might also have to check the catalytic converter. Here are some of the most common reasons that your Malibu starts then stops running: 1. A Blocked Exhaust Pipe or A Blocked Air Filter. If your SUV, car, or truck keeps stalling, it signals that there is a problem that needs to be taken care of. After that happens, I start it up again and the car runs fine. Photo courtesy of Robert Couse-Baker on Flickr. It can be very disconcerting if your Volkswagen Jetta is starting and then dies. Some common reasons include a faulty battery, lack of fuel, faulty spark plugs, and an …. Hi Everyone, I had the same issue with a 2013 nissan altima. Runs well and then stops, will not start then does. If there is fuel in it, you'll feel and hear it splash about. Simon's personal favorite from a five-decade career. So i try to do my first startup of my built engine. The first click is unlocking the steering wheel, the second click is the on/run position. If it starts but won't run and all the electronics work, it's the fuel pump. The car sat for about 3 months without being started or driven. After sitting, it will start up fine, albiet a little cold out (-3 here today) and then it starting running rough. Several days later starts and runs for a few seconds dies. Asked by Joshua Dec 24, 2016 at 12:20 PM about the 1988 Ford Ranger XLT Extended Cab 4WD SB. I made it about 45 seconds and to the end of my driveway when the car suddenly stalled. Car starts, then dies, help!!!. I cleaned up slight gunk around the secondary pump and the car worked fine. Injectors get noisy and then the engine will die. When the FPR goes bad (from my . I checked a few things but it happened so rarely that we just kept our fingers crossed. 7 Hemi I was driving down a two lane road with a load of hay on the truck and pulling a trailer …. I am a newbie to tractors so suggestions are appreciated. If your car starts then dies, it can be a stressful and frustrating problem. I don't think I did anything differently today. Truck has done this about a dozen times. Also i tried to do a boost leak test and it didnt seem like it was doing anything. Your Grand Am’s engine needs 3 things constantly and in the proper proportion to keep running. It can be very disconcerting if your Chrysler Town and Country is starting and then dies. Sometimes runs fine with just one start, some days takes 3-4 attempts, last night took 10. The car was officially done, and they were going to back her out of the garage. I can start the car and it will fire right up and then it will spit and sputter then die. Hello, I recently purchased a 1996 Eagle Talon. I have a 2012, R/T Classic with about 17,000 miles on it. Idle air control, MAF, Throttle Body, Throttle Position Sensor, PCV Valve may need cleaned, Tune Up if needed. Mechanic Base">Engine Sputtering? Common Causes & How To Fix It. The car starts after about 20 minutes of it being off; It cranks but does not turn over, although every now and then it feels like it starts to turn over, but only for a second. This is a precursor feature for the "auto …. In some cases, the problem might be related to the battery. Combine this with the fact that you can start the car with a screw driver, very distinct possibility of position of the key. A couple times since this initially happened, the car will not even start up at all. When it starts then dies stop there and open the cap to the upper fuel filter. Call your local dealer and have them run the VIN for recalls, the 03 had a fuel pump. CAR will' start but dies if not being accelerated. SOURCE: Car starts good but has rough idle and dies in a few seconds. I tried to drive the car several times but each time the car starts and dies shortly after. I have the same problem with my car. usually happens right after putting gas in it. This morning started it up, and it idled roughly, then died. All classic dirty carb symptoms. The car will start up, rev to 3000rpm then go back down to idle and die. Advanced Search Cancel Car starts, then dies. If I spray Starting Fluid inside the throttle body it runs for a few seconds and then dies againThe spark plugs are new (NGK Platinum) and the plug wires look good I disconnected the fuel line after the Fuel filter. When driving uphill the vehicle looses most of power,only goes 25 miles per hour,then shakes when restarting. Posted by drcnlmlc on Dec 24, 2009. Sometimes when I start my car, the car starts and immediately cuts off. You turn the ignition key to start position but you get no action. It gets bypassed when you run the starter, so if . I don't know much about diesel. It can be very disconcerting if your Chevy Equinox is starting and then dies. Whether you’re a seasoned old car trader or just starting out, having the right tools and resources at your disposal can make all the difference. I don't have my code scanner with me. SOLVED: My car starts and then dies. Driving home last night, the dash said roughly 30 miles to empty on a 36 gal tank (yeah, yeah, I. I have a perplexing problem with my '56 Chevy with a 283 engine. I've had injector problems before and this isn't what it sounds like. Dan Ferrell Aug 28, 2023 12:37 AM EDT A number of systems in your car can cause stalling issues when you least expect them. If the key is on the run position the radio will not. If it starts then dies and won't start again, it's the battery. It then kind of violently started dropping and trying to keep itself alive, almost like it was choking. SOLVED: engine starts but wont run on. Hi Guys, Pretty new to the forum so sorry if am breaking any posting laws or posting in the wrong topic. Here are some of the most common reasons that your Yukon starts then stops running: 1. But if the vehicle starts and then instantly dies, the problem may be related to a lack of charging or a faulty battery. If the fuel pressure is to low, then that could be the cause of the . I took it to two Nissan garages, nothing was found. Went down next to the gas tank and had someone go through a few start cycles. then dies and won't start until the ">Runs good for 20 minutes, then dies and won't start until the. starts but won't stay running My 2003 explorer sport trac will start but won't dies after a few seconds - Ford 2003 Explorer Sport Trac question Car starts but won't go. Leakage in the fuel tank is one of the most common causes related to a car. I then decide to unplug the ecu and reset it. First, a clogged fuel filter can restrict the flow of fuel to the engine, causing it to starve for fuel and stall. Its a Caterpillar diesel in a morbark 2400. 8L - Car starts and then dies - Mesa, Arizona greg was very proffessional the whole time he was at my house. Hopefully someone can assist me here. You're car also seems to start up and turn over just fine too. Ford Fusion Car starts and then dies Inspection Costs. 2005 Camry would lag to start and other times starts up fine. If I let it sit for about 90 seconds I can usually get it restarted. But, there can be other causes as well. Issues with a vehicle’s anti-theft system often manifest as stalling within moments of start-up. Car starts then dies right away. You can manually almost choke it to death and it will actually keep running for a little while longer. I'm new to diesels, but when I was checking out the car everything looked and ran good ( no blowby with oil cap removed). Your car won’t start in the morning without a jump, but it starts fine later in the day. Truck ran fine never had problem until now truck cranks fine and strong also fuel pump starts for 2-3 seconds then turns off left for 2 days came back would not start. Here are the symptoms: Turn key, engine starts, rpms rise, then car dies within a couple of seconds. Take it off after first taking off the little wire ratainer. If the circuit between the engine and the battery is obstructed, the engine may still crank but then fail a few seconds later. After the truck had sat for a year with me trying to find the problem for it not starting, I replaced the IDM and it fired up, and was running very well. However, if your car starts then sputters and shuts off immediately, then the fault could be a lack of charging or a damaged battery. Show example Volvo XC90 Car starts and then dies Inspection prices. Because the loose ground I had was setting off the immobilizer. Hi All, I have a 2000 Saab 9-5 SE. There was an insect caught in my mass air flow sensor got it out car runs perfectly fine now took 2 days to figure out. Mar 15, 2017 • 1997 Dodge Stratus. Tried everything listed above even a new starter, ignition assembly, neutral safety switch. I have gas in my fuel tank and didn't let it go below the last quarter of the tank as much as possible. SO since i have an engine out of a 97 that i KNOW runs( i pulled it myself had rod knocking but had just started so i. Advertisement Automotive aficionados know that there are cars, and then there are "cars. The signs of a failing ignition coil include backfiring, starting issues, lowering gas efficiency, engine misfiring, vehicle stalling and worn out spark plugs. Jump to Latest Follow 43K views 37 replies 4 participants last post by tbird100636 Nov 15, 2010. Hey everybody, 97 GSR, B18c1 engine starts up fine and runs until it fully warms up Then it just dies, mainly under acceleration. (Not sure if it turns off after. How to Obtain Your Car Stereo Code From the Manufacturer for Free. I then gave it some gas upon start and the car was fine. Car starts and then dieshelp??. If I started while tapping the gas the vehicle would stay running and would not have the issue. Fixed it with just a few hose clamps. Hello everyone, This is my first post in this forum. Security light continues to flash when Key is inserted and advanced to the RUN position. JimGlock19 Discussion starter · May 4, 2014. when it refuses to start - spray some starting fluid into the air intake (air filter in a pinch) you are giving the truck gas. When I start the car it turns over and starts for a few seconds then sputters and dies. Up to that point it was running fine. its a 2011 e92 335i n55 FBO + stage 2 LPFP. Once they heat up to operating temperature they stop work intermittently like a faulty oil pressure sensor does. Car Dies While Driving but Restarts: Do These 5 Things (Fix). and I shut it off and turned it back on and it was fine. If your Jeep starts then dies right away, the first step is to determine what may be affecting your fuel from reaching the engine, and any electrical reasons behind the issue. Fixed: Starts only when using starting fluid, then dies. Truck starts , idle rough, starts again runs fine. You also have a camshaft position sensor on some car models, which the car uses if the camshaft sensor is faulty. It can be very disconcerting if your Pontiac Grand Prix is starting and then dies. Car is 1988 Audi Quattro w/>350,000 miles on orig. 6 Standard with 31000 MILES DIablosport tuner and mac CAI ( I have reset the tune to factory with no luckl ) I had a similar issue 2 years ago car wouldnt start out of no where turned out fuel pump was …. Car is in Park, I start the car, car starts and dies, won’t idle. Also this problems are related to faulty spark plug. Car Idles Fine But Dies When Given Gas [Reasons + Solutions] To find out that your engine dies when the throttle is applied common problem that many car owners face. My car has an automatic transmission. This can be caused by several variables within the fuel system itself, but it can also be caused by an airflow issue. Replacing the fuel pressure regulator will take care of the problem. 1 out of 1 people think this is helpful. These top drag racing cars are affordable to buy an. Posted by michael sajdera on Nov 03, 2014. 7 starts and runs a while then dies and sometimes will start up and sometimes it wont stgart right back up 9 Answers. * Charging system warning indicator can come on. Might be as simple as a clogged fuel filter. when it was idleing good tring to give it gas would kill it also. Letting it sit for anything less than that it normally. Read the following steps to fix it:. Causes: FJ Cruiser Dies After Starting. Jump to Latest Follow 83736 Views 77 Replies 20 Participants Last post by SubiBoy, there is no smoke and idles fine for a couple seconds but then shut off its self or if i touch the gas it goes off, i have wrx injectors from my old car, are they to big to run on a pretty much stock 2. The car either: Starts OK but quickly dies,. It can be very disconcerting if your Ford Fusion is starting and then dies. 528i Starts then Dies, unless foot is on gas pedal. I have a 1996 Chevy suburban with starting issues. Ignition modules function in two modes. Starts Then Immediately Dies. Get it back home sits for a while, cranks up driving it and it stalls this time want. Several hours later my car starts, the …. The engine starts but then dies – If the engine starts and then quickly dies, it could be because the fuel injectors are not delivering enough fuel to keep the engine running. Ford Ranger Stalling/Dying Problems. Starts and runs fine after jumping, but once I turn the car off it will not start again. 2002 VW Beetle Starts And Dies. If I start it in the morning -- no one has used it for about 12 hours -- the car starts perfectly, with a smooth key turn. 11) after his livery cab crashed on Manhattan’s West Side Highway. Now, however, it starts right up and runs until it warms up, then just dies. Start first by checking for blown fuses. Hey everyone, sorry for the length I just want to be thorough. Questions / Chevrolet / Malibu / 2011 / Car starts. Should the engine momentarily idle when the cleaner has been added. Truck will start strong and quickly on the first try, idle fine for a few seconds, then bog down and die like it's running out of fuel. It will turn over and start right up every time, runs fine/smooth for 2-3 seconds, then runs rough and dies. Stock Problems/Issues - Car starts, then dies immediately - Went out to my car on Wednesday morning to leave for work. 0 GT (Japanese model) - recently purchased; warranty does not cover this. I got it wired in, started the car and drove it around and everything seemed fine. I have changed my fuel pump and replaced all 4 spark plugs and so far no luck. The first step to diagnosing this problem is to inspect your battery. Days when it is hot and i have driven for a bit, then leave the car out in the sun and then drive for a bit, the engine just stalls. It started and ran fine before this. First couple tries after replacing battery it would start and stay going but car couldn't be moved into gear. Has new battery and new alternator. After about 150 miles of mixed city and highway driving we were driving around town and parked in a shopping center. My 04 tb died on the hiway yesterday and will not start up. The problem is I when I try to start the car when the engine is hot. Pontiac G6 Dies After Starting Diagnosis. Final Comments: car ran fine and then all of a sudden started dying immediately after starting the engine. Re: Help~Cart dies intermittently then will run again once it sits. If the wires in the wiring harness are corroded or loose, the car will lose voltage because of the unstable connection to the ignition circuit. Toggling the F&R or the RUN/TOW switch is turning the controller off/on. justin32h February 9, 2017, 4:36pm 1. Everytime it happens it takes 6. 0 sp single cam the car will start and idle fine but if you give it. Of course, you can’t do much until you have the vehicle you’ll be working in. Car starts, idles for 2-3 seconds, then dies 4 Answers I have a 2002 Legacy GT Wagon - has been idling rough recently and then last night, started but died quickly after a few seconds. This happened last night with my 01 ex auto. Here are some of the most common reasons that your Sentra starts then stops running: 1. Lack of power and shaking can be caused by a number of components. Look for loose wires under the steering column. November 2007 edited July 2015. Starts and runs fine, when giving gas. My good friend is Infiniti service mgr and says local mechanic would probably not do it and he is right because I watched. run cart till it dies, locate rev limiter down in front if engine, there should be 2 bullet style connectors. 2015 Accord starts for a few seconds and dies. Answer: The best way to start is to download the diagnostic. (Took me like 30 minutes to figure this out when it. Dodge Magnum Dies After Starting Diagnosis. Causes: Camry Dies After Starting. We wait 10 minutes it starts with difficulty, but once its starts it is good for up to 30 plus miles. 1987 - 1996 F150 & Larger F-Series Trucks - ~ Runs for awhile then dies - Wont start for awhile ~ - 1987 F150 I6 4. Now the car just starts then stops straight away. Went to leave hour later stalls again. It's just there to reduce the voltage to the pump to reduce noise after the engine is started. Starts, runs for a while, then dies. I drove it yesterday and everything was fine. I start the car and i still starts and then dies in 3 sec. This does not happen every time i start the engine sometimes it stays running fine, if this happens 3-4 times in a row the van will not even turn over, after a few minutes or several turns of the key it will start and. Re: Van starts, runs for a couple of seconds, then dies You have 2 options to learn the new key. After several starts, it begins to hold for a 3-5 seconds and the rev jumps up and down before. It has around 180,000 miles on it. 2009 Toyota Camry engine will crank, will start for just a ">2009 Toyota Camry engine will crank, will start for just a. I tried starting it again, it starts up just fine, idles normally for 45-60 seconds or so, and then starts bogging down again and dying. Keeping Your Battery From Dying. It is not a gradual cutoff like running out of fuel from bad fuel pump or something like that it is more like a hardwired something turned it off. There are several cars that start with a “K. 98 Gt Starts Fine Then Shuts Off While Driving/idling. It will do this 3 to 4 times and then will turn over but not start. Battery Failure A typical classic cause for your automobile to start for a brief while before dying is battery failure. it stays engaged until the engine is completely shut down. If you have beetle that starts and then dies in a second so i got the easy fix for your beetle. start the car and observe the readings til the motor dies. Ford makes the Ka, and Chevrolet makes the Kalos. No warning lights after shut down. The most common symptom of a faulty ignition coil is when the car runs for a whi. Engine dies while driving! ok so for the past couple of days on my way to work ill be cruising all the guages will be fine then all of a sudden the engine just dies. Try running it for codes yourself first. first one is to put your key in the ignition turn it to power on (don't crank) leave the car for 10 minutes in this position. When I turn the key foward I get 1 click and thats it with the button it fires up but dies it wont run for 2 seconds its getting spark and fuel. Hey guys, I am in desperate need of some help. Starts runs 15 seconds then stalls as if no fuel. engine will turn and start, but will then immediately die out. If your car fails to start after a couple of attempts, you might suspect that there is a leak on the fuel injection …. This issue isn't a turn the key for 10mins type of thing. I'm amazed and very happy no money to fix the problem. C5 manual corvette starts then immediately stalls after 1-2 seconds. RAV4 2001: Ignition turns on, engine runs for 20-30. However when in "D", 4th gear, just dies, a total shut down of everything at Runs perfect for a few miles then it misses then dies. Also, there were no codes generated with a diagnostic tester and the check engine light is not on. No click noise like the starter or ground are the issue. Can you try pouring a little gas down the throttle body, and then see if it will start long enough to use up the gas you put in it. Kept trying till battery went dead, jumped battery and car started right away. Took to Autozone and had the battery (about 1 year old) tested which was fine. Rebuilt the filter head, new filter, new lines on FICM and filter head, and replaced metal return lines from the injectors. It will start up just fine but as soon as it starts it will idle VERY roughly for about 3-4 seconds then it just stalls out and dies. There was also a slight squealing noise (like a slipping belt). Car starts fine after sitting for half a day but has trouble. Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes and is the first thing you should check if your idle isn't right. Ok so just disconnect the battery for 5 mins and then reconne. This should only cause the car to lurch when coasting, and maybe a random miss or two every now and then. Mackadoches Discussion starter · Aug 26, 2009. In many new cars if you have a key that's not electronically married to the car and attempt to start it, the engine will fire and run for only a few seconds and then die. The main reasons behind car idles fine but dies when given gas are a clogged air filter, dirty fuel filter, malfunctioning fuel pump, faulty air control valve, vacuum leak, faulty mass airflow sensor, and a bad carburetor. You may need to peddle the gas a bit to get it to . To understand this problem, you have to first understand how your car works. and some times if i rev the engine only in Park/Neutral instead of revving up the rpm as it goes to idle again it almost dies like rpms will drop real. Went to see my brothers baby at the hospital and the car drove there fine no problems. When it does cutoff the Passkey light stays on. Causes: Pilot Dies After Starting. If it starts and dies with the MAF unplugged, check fuel pressure. The car is hard to start – If it takes longer than usual to get your car’s engine started, or if you have to crank it several times before it finally starts. Lot of smoke from exhaust, and unburnt fuel smell. So basically, the car starts and everything off the key switch in the Run position is working as wired. The reading should be infinite. 98 Gt Starts Fine Then Shuts Off While Driving/idling. Your engine relies on a steady connection with the battery in order to run. If I push the start button again it would try crank all day and would …. also after starting it if you dont feed it gas immediately feeding it gas later will not. Keep it in park, and you can rev it just fine. Engine starts then shuts off immediately. This will reprogram the computer to accept the chipped key. Start it in NA setup with a stock tune. 1999 Toyota RAV4 166,000 mi, perry_c97. The car is beeping as if the key was left in it, even though it’s outside the car. Problem happened twice now at cold start. I go to start my truck and it will start then die. after the time is up turn the key back and try and start the car. Drove it about 10 minutes and still fine. Car starts then dies very quickly. just wondering if anyone has heard of or had a problem like this. trooger Discussion starter · Dec 21, 2010. Now before you start jumping to conclusions listen to this. something could be cutting off fuel? clogged fuel filter/dirty injectors? bad fuel pump? you usually can hear the fuel pump when the car starts, . It has done it about 5 times in the last 2 weeks. Other reasons that could result in your car stalling or refusing to start and keep running include, clogged fuel filter, bad fuel pump, bad battery problem, bad carburetor. Towed to dealer, this time they claim needs Fuel Pump. Common failure mode right up until they fail completely. car starts then dies then starts fine Last Post RSS 0 07/02/2022 11:38 pm Topic starter Hello everyone, Since we are in the winter, my truck had this issue twice. RELATED: 5 Reasons Your Car Is Hard To Start When Cold & How To Fix. The engine sounds like it's not getting fuel (you can see it shake just before it dies). Chevy Equinox Dies After Starting Diagnosis. This has been intermittent for the past 6. I disconnected the battery for 30 seconds then the car starts right up. We pulled over and shut it off. It started and then would die while idling horrible. Random stalling, car starts and runs for a few minutes and then dies. I was reccomended to use NKG plugs and Borg-Warner wires. I am experiencing a problem with my Jeep that the dealers are having problems diagnosing. Depending on the type of spark plug you are using, you may only get 30,000 miles out of them. If it acts like its fixed - and starts fine, you are not getting gas at startup for some reason. Causes: LeSabre Dies After Starting. It’s also possible that there’s a defective part, such as the fuel filter, fuel pump, spark plugs or starter motor. Alternate causes: Lack of fuel or spark, bad starter motor. -- added gas to dilute any contamination. Replace the Fuel Filter with an OEM Replacement. It can be very disconcerting if your Pontiac Grand Am is starting and then dies. …it always fires right up without any issues and acts normal. The most frequent and obvious cause of a car starts then dies immediately unless I give it gas is an engine that is running low on fuel. It started then shutdown after 1 or 2 seconds, but when I start it again, it ran fine. It only starts right up, then dies immediately. When a bad module is responsible for an intermittent stalling problem, the engine will usually cold start just fine and run OK for short distances, but stalls after driving more than a few miles or when driving at highway speeds (especially during hot weather). Asked by keanijury Oct 01, 2015 at 10:23 PM about the 2000 Honda Accord. We got an oil change that night. If it starts and runs fine, the fuel check valve in the fuel pump has failed. I am having the same problem, and I have a full tank of gas. Clean your MAF, most likely you have some lint or other debris stuck in it. Your Grand Prix’s engine needs 3 things constantly and in the proper proportion to keep running. The negative cable goes to the engine then I run a 10 gauge wire from battery to chassis and one from battery to body. E38 1998 740iL DM24826 - Arctic Silver Metallic / Gray - 185k. Perhaps your mechanic disconnected it somehow. starts 15 minutes later, runs fine then stumbles and dies again 3 answers I drove carhome shut off and next morning would not start, but will turn. Ok so my buddy has a 07 tundra 5. I start the truck again to move it to a different parking spot, and after I shifted the trans into park, it died. Second, a dirty fuel filter can allow contaminants to pass through and clog up the fuel injectors. A few days ago I bought a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee from a private seller. Car Starts, Dies, then Runs fine all day. Causes and Solutions of Car Starts then Dies after few …. ok folks here goes, the car starts than dies. This is one of the most common reasons why a car starts and then dies. Installed a new MAF sensor because the old one broke. turned it on and off a few times and was. When I first got my G6 I was playing around and had the engine cover off. Here are some of the most common reasons that your Cobalt starts then stops running: 1. It may be time for new fuel filters. dies after running for a while. Car was running fine, and then engine stops. Checked batteries/connections and they look good. Your Fusion’s engine needs 3 things constantly and in the proper proportion to keep running. car starts and runs fine until engine heats up to operating tempature, then it stalls, it will restart but keeps stalling until engine cools down. 2012 Chevy Cruze Automatic Dies Randomly. 3) I pulled off the vaccum hose on the fuel pressure regulator and it was dry, no fuel came out. Turns out,( and I didn't believe it when I was told) but, my problem turned out to be cheap (inferiour) plugs and wired. Asked by jennmk123 Oct 17, 2014 at 12:21 PM about the 2002 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon AWD. On rare occasions it will take 6-8 more tries to start and then the car behaves normally. The second possible cause: While re-assembling the alternator, the insulating washer fell off . Got it running after about 5 mins drove home. Clogged Fuel Filter or Fuel Pump (Low Fuel Pressure) To supply the fuel to the engine, the pump has to be working right. And to get it to stay running I end up having to push the accelerator 1/4 to 1/2 throttle and hold the key in start position for a few seconds after it initially fires. The car: 2006 Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon 2. Engine turns, but does not catch. Then won't restarts just cranks and won't fire. It can be very disconcerting if your Honda Odyssey is starting and then dies. So I replaced the battery, that lasted a few days so I replaced the alternator. The first thing you need to determine is what is missing when it stalls; fuel pressure, or ignition spark. Another possibility is the crank or cam position sensors. It then proceeds to drive normally for 3-4 days, and repeat issue, leave for an hour. Firstly, the battery delivers power to the starter to crank the engine. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter. Modern fuel injected engines need a lot of fuel pressure to keep running. Has new fuel pump, fuel sending unit, fuel filter, battery, alternator. 8 starts but then shuts off almost immediately. Help, I'm stranded! « Reply #1 on: June 04, 2011, 02:45:20 PM ». If you what 3 or so minutes engine will restart but then will die again after 5 minutes again. There was no warning and no hesitation the car just died. You should hear a hum/buzz sound for about 1-2 seconds coming from the back seat, and then it will shut off. Car starts fine and runs god normally when it is not too hot and the ac is not running. There’s a difference if your truck starts then dies than if your truck simply refuses to start at all. Looking for suggestions cause researching takes me in all different directions. 19gsx91 said: I meant when you hit your target temp, or when the car is starting to warm up, not that it is overheating.