Loud House Fanfiction Lost Brother I was inspired by other fanfic writers here, so I wanted to make one. Chapter 3: Friends and Fists, a loud house fanfic | FanFiction. After the events of Gal Pals, Lincoln and his new friends venture off on all sorts of new adventures. Thankfully, when his pain surfaces through his actions, the sisters take matters into their hands to drag him out of the waters of his insecurities. Slipped out of the back door and glanced around. To Punish Her Brothers, a loud house fanfic. Brother in Shade Chapter 1: In Sister's Shadow, a loud house fanfic. Hope You Survive the Experience Chapter 1, a loud house fanfic. Lori's House, Royal Wood, Michigan, USA 2024 (10 mins later) The 3 Loud siblings arrived at the small, modern looking home. A couple of minutes after Lincoln heard his first sister Lori yelling his name , Lincoln goes to the living room to see why was Lori mad at him in the first place. Glancing at the clock above him, it was almost 1 in the morning. This is a story that was inspired by Charlie Higson's: The Enemy series. There will be laughter, thrills, heartfelt moments and even a little romance here. Luna and Lincoln left and Lynn Sr was lamenting on sight of his ruined cake. A Brother's Love , A Loud House Fanfic by GarlicGod12 reviews. A girl named (Y/n) had parents who really never treated her well, couple years later was sent to h Big Bro Loud. 3) Lisa is very sensitive to her splitting problem. Loud House fic - NFL (Not For Lynn) Plot: Lynn feels betrayed when Lincoln makes friends with her sports rival, who has other plans for him. Inside the house, the two parental figures of the family, Lynn Sr. Loud Memories Chapter 1, a loud house fanfic. Everyone has lost someone's trust at one point or another and this time won't be any different; Lincoln Loud, a fifth grader in Royal Woods Michigan will soon know what's it like to lose trust. (cover art by sonson-sensei) Lincoln was on his bed looking at a picture of him and his siblings. Since he didn't have any spare clothes with him, he was wearing some of Bobby's PJs. Rated T for nudity and suggestiveness. Lying in the bathtub, in the dark, Lucy masturbated for the first time, and when she climaxed, she had to bite her bottom lip to keep from letting out an earth shattering scream. Turning around, the Loud family saw Lily sitting on the edge of the counter, having somehow managed to topple the pot of steaming broth into the sink. A few months ago, the eleven Loud Siblings gathered in Lori and Leni's room in a sibling meeting. The Loud house filled with a cacophony of sound as doors slammed open. Rated T for swearing and the mentioning of certain acts. Lost Trust Chapter 7: It's Time to Tell Them, a loud house fanfic. A Brother's Love , A Loud House Fanfic By: GarlicGod12. Do not worry Kage-San…your pain will end soon. She ruined her future in schoolarship because of her feat of anger. Lincoln: [to the audience] Since my crazy family believe I'm a. Zach: Yeah, they'll never give up until the very last minute! Clyde: Well, you know I'm routing for Lincoln. She sat up, and one of the staff members, an old woman named Jan, was standing at the door, yelling at her and Bess to wake up. He pulled the cord and turned on a single lightbulb swinging wildly on a single chain. This chapter is going to deviate from Lincoln's newfound relationship with his new allies and return to The Loud House itself, in order to look at how Lincoln's departure has affected the family. She pushed Lynn's head into the ground, her teeth bared. It's going to be a series of one-shots focusing on Lincoln's relationship with each of his sisters. With the help of his right-hand man Clyde, Lincoln finds new ways to survive in such a large family every day. Lincoln followed Lynn to the back of the bus. He had almost forgotten about his family due to the angst he was feeling. Surprise Guest's Request By: LoudDefender. It pits iconic characters from different shows together: Lincoln Loud from Nickelodeon's "Loud House" and Sans from the mega-hit video game "Undertale"!. A man with spiky blue hair a blue shirt, a lab coat, brown pants with a belt, and black shoes walk up to the loud house, he knocked on the door and Rita answered it to greet him before the kids, after a small talk they finally head in, the kids were shocked to find their uncle is actually a scientist. At the beginning of the fanfic, there's also a random scene of a younger Lincoln and Lynn (three and five years old respectively) nearly drowning. "Sorry Linc, really need that balanced breakfast," Luan said intercepting Lincoln's attempts at the orange juice. To say that today was quickly becoming one of the biggest disappointments in Lincoln's life might be an understatement. In the Loud House, 11-year old Lincoln was walking into the living room, holding one of his comic books. The loud house-Long lost brother By: IzzyTheAssassin You guys know of the loud house right? And how its about a boy have 10 sisters?. 5) Lori have a stupid double chin. And I didn’t name him after my lost brother either; it wouldn’t bring him back. He walked downstairs and saw Luna. Rita's nurse summoned her family to her room. Lincoln entered the cafe, taking off his rain jacket, which, then, he hung on a hanger near the entrance and looked around. "Lincoln, take out the trash!" His mother, Rita shouted. After acting too rough, Lynn causes Lincoln to hit his head, subsequently making him lose nearly all of his memories in the process. "Ok, this is gonna be kinda hard cause im gonna have to give you proof why, but, I think ik just about better than Luna at music. My 39th fanfic, sequel to "No Such Luck". A Gods Journey Chapter 1: I'm a WHAT?, a loud house fanfic. Hello all, I know you all know about The Loud House: A Broken Family by ArtAssassin and how he canceled it. Of course he has Clyde, but he's not with him 24/7. " I nodded and put on my helmet. Sorry it wasn't Eight-Legged Problems, but that will be next. That he had eagerly snatched up, when he got closer to it. "You'll get big owies and so will Lincoln. Lucy knew that her big brother was one of the few siblings in the Loud House who would actually listen to her speak her mind, which was why she had dropped in on him just now. "There's no point in staying here. Taking a deep breath, Lori got up and walked to the podium. More than a Sibling Chapter 1: Woes, a loud house fanfic. Today is none of my sisters’ birthdays, but it doesn’t always need a special day to make something special for …. When Lynn loses her game and blames Luke for her loss, Luke is treated unfairly and is broken because of the other siblings believing he's bad luck, except for Luna and Lucy. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Family/Humor - Leni L. Lost At Sea Chapter 1, a loud house fanfic. David Montelongo allegedly left “Flip This House” because of creative and personal difference with his brother and co-star, Armando Montelongo. Inexplicably, Lynn and Lincoln wake up several months back into the past with memories of a less than desirable future, including the faithful event that broke their family apart. Advice from Malibu residents who’ve been through it. If this information isn’t listed or if the ownership documents are lost, there are other ways to lo. The fanfiction itself is a parody of some Looney Tunes cartoons with the running gags of titular antagonists like Sylvester, Wile E. Asylum117 • 25 May 2017 • User blog:Asylum117. It all seemed to happen so fast. Lincoln Loud was just enjoying his saturday afternoon about to read some comics when a simple misunderstanding opens the doors to the firey pits of hell. Not only that but he became a baby as well!. " You're all missing the point here!" Lynn shouted at her sisters, ripping off Lincoln's bandages, and plucking the thermometer out of his ear. She looked down into her brother's desperate, frightened eyes with a hungry gaze. Luna cradles her brother's dead form and sobs loudly. Louder Brothers Chapter 1: Out With A Bang, a loud house. Today was Friday school was out and the weekend was about to start, usually, he would be in his room reading his patent Ace Savvy comics in his underwear …. Brother of Vengeance Chapter 14: An Old Friend, a Ghost Rider. To rekindle the bond they lost, and possibly be the best friends they were long ago, and perhaps see that they are the siblings they can trust once again. The guard clipped a chain collar around her neck and dragged her across the cold metal floor with Lucy stumbling to follow while shivering from the cold air. Angered, he leaves to take a shower; After his shower, he walk to his room and change to his regular clothes and go outside to his tree house) LINCOLN: My very own tree house. Our Favorite Brother By: Geo Soul. Thousands of times Lincoln Loud has been seen as a father of a family having as a partner one of his sisters and having several children, but how would it be a Lincoln who instead of having a relationship with one of them has as a partner Ronnie Anne, his picturesque great love? This is his life with her and. Luz said as Lincoln looked embarrassed. -”Sit next to me big brother,” said Lana. Long Lost Loud by Bouken Dutch 2. Luna loves to play music with her guitar. But Jesus, did he get on her nerves right now. ) Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Drama - Chapters: 21 - Words: 91,787 - Reviews: 302 - Favs: 416 - Follows: 376 - Updated: Nov 30, 2020 - Published. ' A shadowy figure entered the house and hovered over Lincoln. lincoln loud's life changes suddenly after an accident his father kicks him out of his house, when he already saw him lost everything stella her friend invites him to live at her house, what new adventures will lincoln have now that he lives with the zhau. 8 miles away from their position as. After my most recent investigation, I have come to the conclusion that the mental state of the Omicron Subject is profoundly aggravated, at a point where there is no turning back, …. The Loud family arrives to the funeral home not too long afterward. In lieu of the coarse, rough floor of the beach, he felt the supple cushions of the family couch beneath his back. Lynn looked a bit frightened to be there. Lincoln didn't even look back at her and just walked up the stairs without even saying a word. pain regret and revenge Chapter 1, a loud house fanfic. After changing into their PJs, drinking their glasses of warm milk, and brushing their teeth, the gang all went to their bedrooms, with Lincoln being the last to do so. Ain't it always the way you get in the mood and then all hell breaks loose. But his soul got stuck in out world, and with the help of four very special girls, he will find the power to forgive his family, or the strength to get revenge. Rebuilding A Loud: Chapter 1: The Accident. Lori is playing when Lincoln is wearing the squirell costume. Disclaimer: I don't own The Loud House and make no money from this story. The 21-year-old goth had been bothering her brother about joining a new club she and her friends started. He was thinking about how things worked in this household, having to deal with his sister, along with everything he's been put through with them or because of them. It is hard being the only brother for ten sisters and be there for all of them at the same time. But from eleven years living with them hadn't left his back bone too soft for an argument. A heavy sigh escaped the mouth of the 23-year-old Lincoln Loud, as he had his arm firmly locked by his younger yet thiccer sister, Lucy Loud. - Chapters: 10 - Words: 27,391 - Reviews: 108. in the later years, she and leni lived together with their daughter lali, Lali's older sister laura and down the road, she decided she wanted another baby. "Come on, Lincoln, let's go," Lucy said, taking her brother's hand and leading him away from Lynn's house. One rainy afternoon in the Loud house, most of the Loud children were sitting upstairs in Leni's room looking bored. When the Loud family learns that Leni has a boyfriend, they invite him over to make sure he's good enough for her. Where did he all go wrong, he wondered as he walked. " (turns to the readers) Now I know what you're probably thinking: "Lincoln. Ronnie may be his only salvation. Since his own sisters, his own parents no longer see him as a human being. Lincoln was playing his virtual video game headset where he kills zombies by dancing focusing only on the game until he heard the sound of something breaking. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in Royal Woods, Michigan. "LINCOLN!" Luna bolts up from her sleep. (Leni then handed Lincoln a glass of milk, he smiles) LINCOLN: Thanks, Leni. This is the first Loud House Grown-Ups fanfiction, so enjoy! Chapter 1. Plus One Chapter 1: Plus One!, a Naruto + Loud House. Long Lost Brother [Loud House X Mal AshesYT. Lynn was observing and getting annoyed by Lincoln's love to his favorite plushy. Lisa creates a time machine but Lana presses the button and now Lincoln Lana and Lisa loud along with Lincolns best friend liam Honeycutt are stuck back in 1863 the height of the American civil war and have to survive other history events to get back to there time. Lana and Lola are looking for some food, and Lisa evacuated. Lynn Jr, Luna and Luan got to work gathering up the camping gear while Lisa, Lincoln, Ronnie, and Lucy gathered the food supplies. The sisters walked in the Loud House with Lori, Leni, & Lisa in tears. A thermometer was stuck in Lincoln's right ear, and colorful band-aids covered his entire body. The loud house-Long lost brother Chapter 1: Lynn's new friend, a loud house fanfic | FanFiction. So, she used a spell to turn them into her servants as a bit of revenge. After treating him like the black sheep due to their Sister Fight Protocol, the girls try and search for their only brother after he decides he no longer wants to put up with it anymore. Lincoln finally spoke up, not being able to resist asking even though the two people outside were standing just across their locker. Lincoln placed it back in her hand. Lori: "You can't be watching movies. Shortly after the birth of their 11th child, the Loud parents divorced, splitting up the kids between them. But Luna was the most heartbroken now that the most important boy ever to here just took away her right as his guardian and was taken into another family. The girls weren't themselves at all that day. There were many nights where Lynn wept herself to …. Although they may be a whole family, having eleven children is a tremendous strain on the Loud's finances. Today it was the day that would mark the 2 year anniversary of Lincoln's disappearance that left his family and those who knew him as a close friend or even as a brother heartbroken. Lucy sets off a chain of events that will change Lincoln's relationships with his sisters forever. Girl Jordan: Give it a chance girls, Lincoln is just a bit desperate. "Lincoln! No! Please! Come back Lincoln!" Then she whispers. So, to those who read the previous one, enjoy reading this everyone. " Lincoln went with a smile as he took in the nighttime air around him. 33 years into the future, Lori Loud reflects back on the loss of her brother Lincoln (No Such Luck AU). Game Over Loser Chapter 1: From Bad To Worst, a loud house. It takes years to build trust and even longer to keep it, but it only takes seconds to lose it. Luna and Lincoln practiced in garage, but sound of their guitars made all things in the garage fall and caused great noise. Credit for Cover Art goes to my good friend Lentex. Of course, this is the Louds we're talking about. She then changes his dirty diaper. -In a family as big as mine, you can't go a single day without anyone being mad at each other. The only one who seemed to come close to having a moderate conversation with him was Leni, though, it wasn't too. My 6th fanfiction heavaly inspired by the episode Slueth or Consequences. DPSII decided to take the concept and use it as "Gang Chain Linc". The entire Loud family was a mess, when they weren't looking for Lincoln they would just stay in their house crying to themselves about they're lost family member. Disclaimers, I don't own the Loud House they are the creative property of Chris Savino whom I've forgiven, and the contracted property of Viacom, Nickelodeon, and Paramount, please support official releases and your fandom communities. In My Hour of Need By: ThePizzaMan93. " Lincoln:" (snoring quietly)" (As they exit his room, they see their parents mad at them for trashing the house) Lily:"Dang it. Santiago began to weep bitterly. Lincoln tried to cook his best, burning his scarred arms. A head shot out of the side of a seat, smiling at them "Hey guys! Come on Linc, you can sit with me if you want. Alternative Universe, Lincoln is the eldest Loud sibling. The sister who banished Lincoln from their home, their paradise, their Loud house. One-by-one, his sisters finished and drifted off. "Home: A Loud House Fanfiction" (Chapter 1. In middle of summer the 12th Loud sibling was about to be born. Lincoln Loud is an eleven-year-old boy who lives with ten sisters. The anger caused by those past situations with his sisters, with his family, was transformed into fear, then came back in a dangerous combination. Everyone: Nice! 50 Clown: Now every whippersnapper, get into the car. Fortunately for him, Lucy is here to guide him without the necessity to ask for directions. After events of "No Such Luck" Lincoln is treated by his whole family as a living talisman. He was walking back home alone, Normally he would be walking alongside his best friend Clyde McBride, but because of his detention, Clyde had left already as he had an appointment with. - Chapters: 10 - Words: 48,977 - Reviews: 141 - Favs: 153 - Follows: 157. Never had the 15 year old ever seen her younger brother so down, depressed, tired, and upset. The day is shining onto the house of S. As you can see, Lori's assumption with Lincoln was very wrong, as he had gone out of his way to avoid even being seen by them, and since Rita's punishment the sisters had been getting upset. Vanzilla entered the hospital parking lot. The soul of the hurt By: Takaluca. 9K Votes 367 Parts 11 Time 17m Start reading crazyinnitfam Complete Lincoln is tired of being the only boy in the house. The Loud kids got home from school about an hour ago and so the chaos was in full swing. Thunderstrike16 - Actually, I looked it up and they can be for girls. The chapters are written in order of their mentions in the episode. Five years in the future, it's just Lincoln and his younger siblings after the older ones moved out. Well, I now will be taking over and there will be some changes to the story. Granted, it had only amounted to one hundred and twelve dollars. Loud Trouble By: Noahthegamer2004. "Lincoln, I'm so sorry for not letting you use the kitchen!" Luna cried in tears as she held her brother's hand. Brother Lio Loud Chapter 1, a loud house ">Lincoln's Twin Brother Lio Loud Chapter 1, a loud house. A lot of loud noises are soon heard after he said that. "You know I don't like it when you guys make such a fuss over me. A BIT!" Clyde: "At least we're at your house now. Shattered Innocence Chapter 3: Lynn's Nightmare, a loud house fanfic. Days before this point, weeks even, he was looking forward to attending this year's Ace Savvy convention after a particular set of circumstances involving his emo of a sister and a clogged toilet …. And so, she wandered aimlessly, doing what little her collapsed ego allowed her as her family fell apart all around her. (It all begins in the Loud House, Lincoln is sitting on the couch, watching his favorite game show. It seems like all hope is lost, but all Lincoln needs to do to get better, is to open up to the people who care about him the most. They lost Lincoln's trust and respect and now. "Please let this be a dream!" He panted, starting to tire. "So Monster with Levels between 1-4 I can Normal Summon or Set, to Summon/Set a Level 5 or 6 I need to tribute one Monster, and for Level 7 or 8 Monsters I need to tribute two. After the practically ancient family van turned off, Lori Loud got out of the driver's seat. " Eventually the headache went away and Lincoln slowly sat up. A sound of an engine pulled up to the house. Lincoln Loud finished peeing and zipped his pants up and then looked at himself in the mirror. Loud House: Bad Luck Brawler By: Mr ChubbySnorlax619. Lincoln said " can I take it off now". Maybe, I'm not a real Loud sibling. However, the story is set in an alternate universe where Rick has eleven grandchildren rather than just two, and is Lynn Sr. Leni was crurrently wondering what to spend her money on. The loud house-Long lost brother IzzyTheAssassin. Read 10: Epilogue from the story The Loud House: The Lost Loud Brother [COMPLETE] by crazyinnitfam with 1,870 reads. Lincoln is Done Chapter 6: Sad Thoughts at the Loud House. It is almost reaching the end of summer. Tv Shows, Amazing World of Gumball, Five Nights at Freddy´s, Big Hero 6, Star Wars, and Helluva Boss. Discussed in The Loud House Fandom Steriotypes (sic): It mentions that common dark themes for Loud House fanfic are: Rita and Lynn Sr. First they picked up Leni and Lori, the former having won her design competition. With 13 people living under the same roof. called Lori and Rita downstairs and put Butch on speaker. He would still become frustrated from time to time if the trouble in question was something significant, but he. As she sorted through the clothings, she suddenly felt someone grab her by the waist. The white-haired, orange polo wearing, blue pants and white shoes middle son of Lynn and Rita Loud. Lincoln Loud, after getting tortured by his sisters for his so called "bad luck" snaps and runs away from his family. Synopsis: Lincoln Loud is the eldest of the Loud Siblings. A reposted fanfic from realyoshiplayer. Much to the outrage of his family, he complied with the officer's orders, they watched helplessly as their family minivan was towed away. This is an AU story based on NSL. Lost in time By: kermitdonald285. She was clenching her fists with fury, and she found herself on the verge of tears, about to cry for how useless she felt. The easiest way to find out when a home was built is to find the deed or title to the house, which typically notes the year of construction. to the wall but she accidently put them in the wrong order. The man wore a black suit over a white shirt. It was a good day, a quick day, but good. A Loud To Stay, a loud house fanfic. Life With Lincoln Chapter 1: Growing Up Loud, a loud house fanfic. *Later* Lincoln sat in his cabinet, waiting for his punishment. and Rita were placed in the kitchen, the husband was preparing breakfast for his family while his wife was waiting with a young blonde haired girl of 17 years, she wore a blue top with brown shorts, along with blue eyeliner. No Such Luck, No Such Love (discontinued, free to adopt. This had been going on for almost two years, at least since his twelfth birthday. Lola was driving in her toy car and Lana was hopping on a pogo stick. With the time the rockstar separated from her loving son, it made her suddenly question Mickey's behavior. Thinking that he has no place in this world he is in for a shock of a lifetime when a sulk in the park turns into something big. Lynn scrambles to undo a mistake involving Bun-Bun before Lincoln comes home and discovers what she did. New Colors Chapter 1: Realization, a loud house fanfic. Lincoln entered a couple of seconds later, still unsure as to what to expect from this rather macabre endeavour. The loud house-Long lost brother IzzyTheAssassin You guys know of the loud house right? And how its about a boy have 10 sisters? Well what if i told you that Lincoln had a long lost older brother but the question is where has he been all this time and what kind of in-pack will that have on the rest of the family? there's only one way to find out. told Lincoln that their bills were piling up and couldn't even afford to buy Lincoln a new bed. Not only did she actually have a point, but that hour he spent in the squirrel suit was starting to take a toll on his health. " Logan growled Towards his brother as the pregnant rocker got up. Jackee is a minor character in The Loud House, who made her first appearance in "Everybody Loves Leni". Lincoln hopped off his motorcycle and whistled at the sight of the house. At hospital the siblings were waiting and their patience was reaching its limits. " The 9-year-old tomboy spoke, having the same thing in her mind, only a bit messy. Lily:"Sweet dreams baby brother. Lupa had white hair, something Lyra had been told popped up in their family tree about once a generation, and was more talkative then her mother, but only to make more snide remarks. Wanting a Better Life for Her brother Lisa sends Lincoln to another Dimension so he can finally be happy. Lincoln selected a card from the pile and put down a black three of clubs and a red three of diamonds. Upon entering the hall, he heard Luna and Luan arguing again in their room, and saw his other sisters crowding the entrance of the room. Fanfic: Long Lost Loud Another 2 years later, our first daughter was born. Lost Chapter 1: The Blast, a loud house fanfic. The Fed is betting that tighter lending in the banking sector can act as an economic brake, former White House adviser Gary Cohn told CNBC. *2 AM* *50 Clown wakes up to notice his door to his room is open*. Luna: Tomorrow is our baby bro's first birthday. 2 The one who gave me the idea to do this crossover was Von the Unstoppable. One sunny day in late April, Lucy woke to a light in her eyes. Keeping Her Brother Warm By: AberrantScript. As suggested by his mother, the middle-child went to visit Pop-pop, since he missed out on him coming to the house. Lincoln Loud was an average 11-year old boy, well as average as possible living in a house with 10 sisters. The most common, and obvious, thing being his ashen white hair which adorned a turkey tail on the left side of his head, another being his chipped buck teeth, even being the sole boy in a family with ten girls all of …. You're going to be late for school!" Linka awoke with a start, her heart beating loudly in her ears as someone pounded on her bedroom door. She's not going to listen to us. It was a nice morning and the Loud children were getting ready for …. However, this meeting was about the white-haired boy. You will see as the story continues. disappearing, being Abusive Parents or divorcing. The Trouble With Lynn Chapter 1: Revenge, a loud house fanfic. Perhaps this was what he needed, and someone …. When Lincolns walks out and kisses the one who supposedly has a crush on him, he gets decked, only to fall down the steps. At night time all siblings were sleeping in their beds. After multiple screw-ups, Lincoln wishes he was never born. 6 years after his funeral, the Louds and friends have a little reunion. He tries to end their stupid superstitions. - Chapters: 10 - Words: 48,977 - Reviews: 134 - Favs: 143 - Follows: 152. Vanzilla pulled into the driveway of the Loud family's residence in Royal Woods, Michigan, one late evening. Thicker Than Blood Chapter 11: High Hopes, a loud house fanfic. "Holy smokes dude"! Luna yells. It's hard trying to brush my teeth. On the first day of the last week of school, Vanzilla breaks down and the Louds have to walk to school. A collection of one-shots featuring Lincoln and his sisters or a random girl or two, our mine and Red's OC's. " He croaked out in a quiet voice, his eyes beginning to well up with tears. But the sisters are going to do everything they can to regain there trust and faith that Lincoln had lost in them. "In a house with so many sisters, lines to the bathroom can be from long but manageable to someone's worst nightmare," Lincoln told the reader as. Second Tank Battalion, "Iron Horse", 'Company A "Anvil", 1st platoon 'Sword'. The sisters prayed that Lincoln would come back, but he never did. For a time, Lincoln walked alone. Constant shenanigans revolving around the children. So, he had stopped at a grocery store despite being tired. He sees all of his sisters standing somewhere in the living room. Each one of Lincoln's younger sisters has a fantasy, and Lincoln is just the guy to help them make it reality. The series revolves around the chaotic everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud, who is the middle child and only son in a large family of 11 children. "Loni, Stay with the van!" Ordered Loki. Leni: I can't believe he's already turning one. Only to see another bill not far from it, and another. The Loud House By: immortal starscream. Lincoln got off of Lori's bed and entered the hallway. After that, the news popped up, claiming that a man in a skeleton disguise, wearing. She gripped her bed sheets as she tried to hold onto something as her brother hate fucked the shit out her. Lincoln was just desperate to get away from it all, praying to the heavens above as he navigated the dark and depressing maze that this wasn't real. Sora hated how sad his parents had become since the incident. As suddenly as the sound entered the room, it disappeared just as suddenly. As the oldest of Lincoln's sisters, she had gotten the "honor" of giving a speech about him today. Always so sentimental when their young kin mature. Rays of Empowerment By: TheHeartofLavender. Years have passed since the explosion and the world of humans was gone and ruined, full of mutated beings. His violent side likes to hurt me; his normal side tolerates my existence. She was giggling and trying to outrun him, but he was too fast, and he caught her, both of them tumbling to the ground in a heap. "Ok, I think we all know why we're here" Lori spoke up. Long Lost Loud is a one shot The Loud House fanfic written by Bouken Dutch 2. "Get your hands off me, pigs!" "Not your damn life, you son of a b&!" Stone …. Even if they were apart from each other, she still felt close to him as she felt close to her brother. Good morning, Quartz readers! Good morning, Quartz readers! Pakistan’s parliament elects a new prime minister. With a loud gasp, Lori attempted to turn to face her assailant but she was roughly pushed down on the basket full of clothes. She laid on her king size bed and sighed of relief knowing her little brother hasn't lost his virginity. Lincoln sighed as he sat on the couch, all alone. Lisa Loud was a female of science. But before you ask; no, my son doesn’t resemble Lincoln at all. A Place For a Loud Chapter 8, a loud house fanfic. Having now become a police officer, a dark enigma named Wild Card will emerge from the Underworld, and has set his sights on her. At ease, Lynn slowly loosened her grip. Now living in a post apocalyptic world and his sisters lost and mutated in this ruined earth, 21 year. It was 2:35 in the afternoon, on a Saturday. The Loud brothers notice this and fix themselves in response. This one shot is set in the future where Lincoln ran away after having enough of his. Loud House - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,180 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 5 getting lost in modern 2010's Toon Town. When Lily is out in the night by herself, a bunch of girls find her and decide to take care of her. Late at night, Linka's older brothers wake her up. serves them a special breakfast) Lynn Sr. "Lincoln, wait!" Lynn said quickly. A Brother's Love , A Loud House Fanfic Chapter 1. the loud house Lincoln loud lost forever By: carlosreybebe. "Thank you," she turned to put it on the table, then turned back. That Engineer is a fanfiction author that has written 11 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Loud House. " he said as he was doing just that. I Thought You Loved Me Chapter 1, a loud house fanfic. A lost love from childhood returning. Chapter 66: My son, Lincoln's Birthday. Lincoln is happy with his ten kind sisters, instead of ten rough brothers. The young man stood in front of the apartment complex for about five minutes. " Lincoln raised his hand "Ooh, ooh! We could go to DairyLand!" But all ten of his sisters made a buzzer noise and gave him a thumbs down. This trip to Aloha Beach was a big blowout: One incident throws Lincoln down the tidal wave of his deepest doubts. Find out in this thrilling Loud House fanfiction! 8. God help me, if one of those bitches fucks with me, it's on. Not caring about his well being and only theirs, well some did. There was just nothing personal or intimate about their sex. Now he's back, but he's change. She thought she could win over the court with jokes and laughter. The Loud family patriarch narrowed his eyes, so not only did this kid hurt his boy, but he also tried to put the moves on one of his girls, so this Andrew guy is slowly becoming the most hated person by the Loud family. Not after what she did, or caused, to her one and only baby brother. The look Luna gave her made it clear that her help was not quite appreciated. He was stirred from his thoughts at the sound of a knock on his door. It's his problem, his final test. Fanfiction: One Small Linc- Ch2. Lola called from her and Lana's room and Lincoln goes to the twins' bedroom where Lola has one side of her hair turned to the mirror. Lori held up her phone, which had a big crack on the screen. The Loud House Chronicles Chapter 3: Brawls in the Family. "C'mon sis, it's already 6:30," he chided while turning on the lights. (TFS inspired humor Cover drawn by Ben the Looney) *Co-Written mostly with Red the Pokemon Master*. When lisa invents and activates a nuclear fusion bomb, it unleashed a devastating explosion throughout the entire world. Lincoln Loud, the boy who calls himself the man with the plan let alone the boy with ten sisters, was currently sitting on a bench crying his heart out while talking to his friend Clyde on his phone. From inside the Loud house, Lucy and Lynn, their previous argument long forgotten, watched their older siblings out in the front yard; two silhouettes standing against the rising moonlight. Love is with your Brother, a loud house fanfic. All except for Lincoln and Lucy who were sitting in their rooms and reading comic book and poetry dairy respectively. Rare was it for anyone to wake up early in the Loud House. Lincoln (to the audience): "You can't always get some alone time with a house consisting of ten sisters". "Bro! Our house is ruined! it's uninhabitable and the neighborhood is dark, no power, and we can't see anything!" She said. Crush on big brother Chapter 1: A fateful playda. A Loud House Christmas: Behind the Scenes - Episode 1. Lori looked out the window as she watched the city go by. Lori and Lincoln are on a golf field. Lost Among The Dead Chapter 1: Wanna Talk About It?, a loud. Jackee is one of Leni's friends from school, along with Mandee. His hair was a bit damp, giving Lincoln the impression that he had just recently taken a shower. Other chapters will be longer! Well, my parents left me and my 10 sisters alone. Lynn accidentally destroyed a picture on wall because Lincoln dodged her attack. The Loud House fanfic: Lost Loud Brother. Chapter one: Unsettling Revelation. 2 Brothers & 10 Sisters Chapter 1: Lars & His. Without Lincoln, Lynn became a real demon outside but when she is in the Loud House all that powerful and dangerous personality disappears immediately leaving just a 14 years girl who misses her little ….