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Mystic Stamp Company Catalog1974 Bangladesh Official Stamp O12. He named the company after the Mystic River in Boston, Massachusetts. 1949 6c Wright Brothers for sale at Mystic Stamp Company. Your stamps are held in place against a black background – making. If penny fits perfectly, use the guide. With a focus on creating the highest quality products that enhance and sustain, Norwex is committed to helping you clean without the need for potentially harmful chemicals. Printing Method: Flexographic, Foil Stamping. Just pick out a symbol, word or sign on the stamp you want to identify. 2023 First-Class Forever Stamp - US Flags (BCA Coil of 3k & 10k) Buying and Selling U. The Mystic Stamp Company, based in Camden, New York, since 1923, is a mail-order postage stamp dealer, one of the largest in operation and notable for both . 20 single self-adhesive stamp shows a photograph of the Space Shuttle touching down. 2020 Giant US Commemorative Collection, 157 Mint Stamps. 2019 First-Class Forever Stamp - Cactus Flower: Echinocereus poselgeri. Rather than asking customers to request a catalog, Fleetwood RV makes brochures available for download online. Between July and October, a total of 10 stamps were issued in the series. First Day City: Hohenwald, Tennessee. #1013 3¢ Service Women Issue Date: September 11, 1952 City: Washington, D. Issued to encourage concern for order and respect for law, this stamp was designed to honor policemen as protectors and friends of. His father died when Thomas was 14, and as the oldest boy, Jefferson became head of the family. #41572007 10¢ Patriotic Banner. 1972 Complete Commemorative Year Set, 29 stamps. Packed with valuable collecting tips. 25 Please Note Condition Description see PHOTO A file photo is used to represent the actual plate block when multiple copies are available Scott catalog …. Set includes: 1581-82, 1584-85, 1590, 1590A, 1591-99, 1603-06, 1608, 1610-15, 1615C, 1616-18, 1618C, 1619, 1811, 1813. Born October 17, 1915, Maynard grew up in Bristol, Connecticut, where a childhood surprise determined the course of his future. #766 1935 1¢ Restoration of Fort Dearborn Issue Date: March 15, 1935 First City: Washington, DC Quantity Issued:. Held in Omaha, Nebraska, the exposition opened on June 1, 1898, and ran for four months. 1985 50c Great Americans: Chester W. Enjoy faster order processing, reward points, saved cards & addresses, plus more! * * * Email Address (or Membership #). 1927 2c Vermont Sesquicentennial. Click any of the items below and let the fun begin!. Mystic Stamp Company 9700 Mill Street Camden, NY 13316 1 (315) 245-2690 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Time Monday-Friday Toll-free Order Phone 1 (866) 660-7147. 2020 Complete Year Set, 115 stamps. Even though he was a Virginian, Scott refused to fight for the. While popular among collectors, the stamp showing the 33rd president is readily available and not consider. 1957-2003 US Flag Collection, 141 stamps. The special feature of our pre-printed stamp albums is a large selection of over 120 collecting areas and the high quality standard. Printing Method: Rotary press printing. Mystic stands behind every stamp we sell –so you can be confident you’re receiving exactly the stamp quality you’ve paid for. Following the Spanish-American War, 309,814 U. Texaco Star Theater transferred its successful radio show to television, and brought along “Uncle Miltie. #4847 2014 46¢ Cut Paper Heart Love Series The 2014 stamps features cut paper hearts. Built in 1763 by Sephardic Jews (who fled from Spain and Portugal to Rhode Island. Mystic Stamp Company 450 Black Stamp Mounts with Split-back Value Pack 10 different sizes. Stamp - watermark, perf 10, green. On October 2, 1933, the Century of Progress airmail stamp, affectionately known as “Baby Zepp” was issued. US #1385 was issued in 1969 for the organization’s 50th anniversary. US Stamp Formats Sheets Coil Pairs Plate Number Coils & Strips Booklet Panes Line Pairs & Blocks Gutter Pairs & Blocks Arrow Blocks Uncut Press Sheets Freaks and Errors Premium Centering & Never Hinged U. Mystic Stamp Company bastards!. US #1293 was issued on Stone’s 150th birthday. Statehood Stamp Collection Get 50 mint statehood stamps – one from each state in the Union – with one convenient purchase. Or you'll find it near your address if you received a special offer in the mail. For actual value, check eBay or any number of philatelic auctions (such as those on Stamp Auction Network). In addition to a premium binder and matching slipcase, Mystic’s newest album features the convenience of hingeless pages. Tobacco Sales Tax (Rj) Stamps for Sale at Mystic Stamp Company. 1893 $1 Columbian Commemorative: Isabella. Ship to this Address Ship to a Different Address. 2021 Mystic American Heirloom Supplement – #GS786. Premium Centering Semi-Postal (B) Airmails (C) Confederates Revenues First Day Covers All Other US Stamps. 1898 $1 Trans-Mississippi Exposition: Cattle in Storm Reproduction Stamp (s) $149. This 2¢ Washington stamp paid the domestic letter rate. Including Priority & Express Mail! Save time and money with this year set. The 1869 Pictorials are also the only stamps that feature the “G” grill. #785 – 1936 1c Army and Navy: Washington and. The most comprehensive is the Scott U. Products from Mystic Stamp Company - America's Leading Stamp Company. Responding to complaints over the definitive-sized Christmas stamps issued in 1986 and 1987, the USPS issued the 1988 …. These catalogs were published between 1891 and 1912 and are part of the New York Botanical Garden’s Seed Catalog Collection – one of the largest and important collections in the U. 240x180mm 5 Horizontal Black Split-Back Mounts. Home; US Stamps Mystic Rewards; Online US Stamp Catalog; Free US Catalog; Site Links Top of page. and worldwide postage stamps for stamp collectors. Value: One-ounce First Class Mail Rate (Non-denominated Forever Stamp) First Day of Issue: August 12, 2022. 1989 25c Prehistoric Animals: Stegosaurus. In 1923, Mystic was founded in Camden's former Post Office building. Mystic's catalog (really a price list) is in magazine format on glossy paper with stamp designs illustrated in color. If you have any questions or feedback regarding this privacy policy, contact us at: Mystic Stamp Company. The least obvious of the three, it was the last to be discovered. # 4806a2013 $2 Inverted Jenny Single. 791 2c - NAVY- PB#21615 LR MNH NORMAL PERFS CV*: $2. Add this historic cover to your collection today! $1,100. 2004 Gambia Souvenir Sheet of 5 "Rare and Famous" Postage Stamps Mint Stamp(s) Never Hinged. Mystic Stamp Company — Stamp Collecting, Stamp Catalog, Online Ordering, US & Worldwide Stamps. Choose our 3-volume American Heirloom album with 200 FREE US stamps OR the collecting kit which includes a slick smaller album and 100 FREE US stamps. Mystic offers catalogs and price lists as well as “stamps on approval” that let you receive stamp selections at home before you pay even one penny. You can also contact one of our …. And both come with 1000 FREE stamp hinges to attach your stamps to the fully. First Day of Issue: November 11, 1983. Value: 32¢, rate for first-class mail. William established the nation’s first nursery and published America’s first plant catalog. USA #KS408 for sale at Mystic Stamp Company. These stamps were very popular during the 1970s. 1904 5c Canal Zone - "PANAMA" double overprint in black and bar in red, blue. Both are high-quality albums with our easy-to-use 3-ring “layflat” binder for easy viewing of your stamps. #1036 4¢ Abraham Lincoln Liberty Series Issue Date: November 19, 1954 City: New York, NY Printed by. Mystic Stamp Company 50 Vertical Mounts, Black, Split-Back, Pre-Cut, 30 x 45 millimeters (1-3/16 x 1-3/4 inches) - Catalog # MM502. First Day of Issue: June 29, 1995. (Does not apply to stamps on Pages 1 & 64 or to any pre-1921 stamps ) SPECIAL COLLECTION OFFERS 10% Discount does not apply to the special offers listed on this page. These stamps commemorate National Letter Writing Week, which was held February 24 through March 1, 1980. 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Eastern Time Monday-Friday. Postage Stamp Issued In 2020 –. Mystic Stamp Company">50% OFF SALE Rewards at Mystic Stamp Company. After first achieving fame during the War of 1812, General Andrew Jackson became the seventh President of the United States. Stamps in the Set: 1975 9c Americana Series: Capitol Dome, gray. Both catalogs are great resources for stamp. He believed that the stamp should convey to the world the reasons the U. 1890 2c Washington, carmine for sale at Mystic Stamp Company. Mystic is a dirty company that preys on uneducated, beginner stamp collectors. Stamps in the Set: Customers Also Bought: #1581/1612. 1922-25 $5 America, carmine and blue #2721. Method: Lithographed in coils of 3,000 and 10,000 (with plate numbers every 27 th stamp) Perforation: Serpentine Die Cut 11 Vertical. Foreign Stamp Identifier — Mystic Stamp Discovery Center. Why the stamp was issued: To publicize the Pacific ’97 international stamp show in San Francisco, California. - MM504 30x27mm 50 Horizontal Black Split-Back Mounts. Super Safe Mint Sheet Album, 16 Sheets Fits 32 Mint Stamp Sheets. Click on the index letters in the left menu to view groups of topics. Mystic's First Day Cover Album, Green – #DS920. DREW MD - PB #2 UR MNH CV*: $7. 2022 Scott Catalog - Volume II. Value: 58¢ 1-ounce First-class rate (Forever) Issue Date: October 7, 2021. 1976 Commemorative Stamp Year Set. Stamp Category: Official Reproduction. FREE US Postage Stamp Catalog Details. com website and popular 164-page U. The 1¢ stamp paid for a letter that was dropped off at a post office to someone who had a box at the same office. Hawaii Stamps for Sale at Mystic Stamp Company. In 1894, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) took over the contract for producing the Postage Due stamps, and the design changed slightly. 30x27mm 50 Horizontal Black Split-Back Mounts. 2021 Mystic Used Complete Year Set Mounts (109) $14. The Fuller Brush Company is a trusted name for everything from mops and buckets to skin care products. You can download the brochures through the Fleetwood RV company website or visit a dealer website to get the information. 1940S Stamps for Sale at Mystic Stamp Company. Lighthouse Dual Wave Ultra Violet Lamp, Long Wave-Short Wave Switchable. 1977 10c Americana Series: Justice. Request Forgotten Password for an Account at Mystic Stamp Company. Customers can order stamps with the company s online U. ) Review your cart and click "checkout" to finish placing your order on Mystic's website! Most in-stock items ship next business day!. The Industrial Age ushered in items of convenience and created more leisure time for many Americans. 1,686 likes · 1 talking about this · 3 were here. Texaco Star Theater: By 1948, television was just starting to take off. Children were encouraged to purchase the 25¢ stamps and provided with a special card to paste 20 stamps. This announcement on the Colorano website states that the venerable producer of silk-cacheted first-day covers has been sold to Mystic Stamp Co. #7771936 3¢ Rhode Island Tercentenary. However, the 2¢ Jefferson and 25¢ Revere coil stamps were reprinted many times and sold well into the ’80s. - Used Single Stamp (s) Ships in 1-3 business days. 2021 55¢ Sun Science – Sunspots. Eventually the Authority was abolished a new one, the Mackinac Bridge Authority, created in 1950. Mystic Stamp has grouped stamps into a wide variety of topics to aide in your stamp search. 2020 Mystic American Heirloom Supplement. The 30¢ Shield and Eagle with inverted flags is the rarest of the 1869 inverts. #1578 – 1975 10c Banking and Commerce: Gold Piece. Worldwide (foreign) Sort Per Page 2 records. Finally, at his insistence, she provided a subsidy that was combined with support from private sources. Another source for worldwide stamps is the Kraus-Minkus Catalog. 1 Pound US & Foreign On and Off Paper Mixture. Buying and Selling worldwide and foreign postage stamps for stamp collectors. The final stamp in the series was issued on January 20, 2012, and pictured Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Only 210 high-value stamps were sold – and just 76. 50 Please Note Condition Description see PHOTO Scott Catalog Value: $1. The real reason is simply supply and demand. Stamp Catalog is the best comprehensive list ever created by a dealer! 164 pages with complete listing of U. 50 Humpback Whale Mint Sheet of 6, Tuvalu. First City: Grand Canyon, Arizona. You can sell Blue Chip stamps through a number of online retailers such as eBay and Mystic Stamp Company. stamps and most worldwide issues. In 1951, a report from project engineers convinced the state legislature to sell $85 million in bonds to fund the bridge’s construction. Great value and fun to explore. Why the stamp was issued: The stamp was issued as part of the new set to promote mail awareness. Topical for Sale at Mystic Stamp Company. Besides great discounts and deals, Mystic Stamp will also have some special events such as free shipping service or a buy-one-get-one-free event for shopping during Black Friday. You’ll get the 2021 additions to popular series such as Lunar New Year, Black Heritage, Statehood, Love, and …. After the war, he stood as a symbol of reconciliation. The Pan-American Exposition and World’s Fair was a celebration of technology and its impact on America. Get the Complete Americana Series in One Convenient Order The …. Truman 20-cent stamp has a used value of $0. Doing business with Mystic means you’ll avoid dealers with lower. This historic battle is actually misnamed. Issued in 1913, it was used for almost 40 years. 1915 1c Washington, green, horizontal perf 10. • Virtually complete – includes U. This stamp was issued in honor of two accomplishments – the 50th anniversary of Admiral Robert Peary’s voyage to the North Pole. The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought between British forces under General William Howe and New England militiamen under …. Postage Stamp Collecting Kit Includes. Printed in color to show off our beautiful U. Printing Method: Offset Format: Pane of 20 Self-Adhesive. 1965 5c Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers - bright purple. #2411893 $1 Columbian Commemorative. Join clubs, explore online avenues. #280 is found in at least 12 shades – including orange brown, brownish claret, lilac brown and rose brown. We will gladly replace, issue a credit voucher or refund, whichever you prefer. Post Office issued its first attached pair of stamps to have a continuous design. Respond to an Advertisement at Mystic Stamp Company. 2019 Stamps for Sale at Mystic Stamp Company. Request your free catalog when placing an order, with your approval selection, or contact our Customer Service Department. Learn the art of removal, engage family and friends. US First Day Covers Sort Price (High to Low) Price (Low to High) Alphanumeric Best Sellers Per Page 12 24 48 72 96 1461 records. Discover events in American history - plus the stamps that make them come alive. 1939 1c Canal Zone - Balboa-Before, Flat Plate Printing, unwatermarked, yellow green. Order your 2022 Volume 3 catalog today. Mystic Heritage Album Supplements Keep Your Stamps Up-to-Date Keep your stamps nicely arranged with Mystic supplement pages. Printed By: Banknote Corporation of America. Value: 20¢, rate for first-class mail. We comb the web looking for legitimate companies offering free samples, when we find one we put it here for our visitors so they don't have to go through the time and trouble of filtering out the scams. Johnson Black Heritage Issue Date: January 31, 2012 City: Chicago, IL Quantity: 80,000,000 Pr. 2001 34c Contemporary Christmas: Santa's, green. Navy Heroes Issue Date: March 23, 1937 First City: Washington, D. Germany became one nation when the kingdom of Prussia united with various German states in 1871. Many are affordably priced under $10, and all are half their Scott Catalogue values! U. Tours are not available at this time. Regular Issues, Commemoratives and Airmail stamps issued from 1847 to present. – We get our name – During a visit with his friend, wholesale stamp dealer H. Compare the prices of the Zeppelins then to now. Mystic Stamp Company — Stamp Collecting, Stamp Catalog. While Scott Joplin’s exact birthdate is unknown, it’s often considered to be November 24, 1868, as shown on his tombstone. Subscribe to get This Day in History stories straight to your inbox every day! Learn more about the world of stamp collecting, or see what happened this day in stamp history in the Mystic Stamp discovery center. Stamps from more than 50 countries beginning with the letters G-I. Toll-free Order Phone 1 (866) 660-7147. Postal Service, Scott Publishing assigns catalog numbers to them. The 3p red imperforate stamp pictured a large beaver. Click on "Continue" to pay for your club shipment. Click the link below and follow the instructions to opt-out of Mystic Stamp Company's mailings and name trading. 25 - LOT 2297 Condition Description Please Note see PHOTO - WITH MULTIPLE STAMPS OFFERED, THE PHOTO IS TYPICAL OF THE STAMPS OFFERED Perforation Condition Blocks of stamps from 1930-1950 were produced. 1940 Famous Americans: 3c Luther Burbank. Discover quality stamps through Mystic. [1] The company is headquartered where it was founded, in Camden, New York. Each stamp illustrated and identified by Scott Catalogue number. The story of Mystic Stamp Company began in 1923 when Lawrence K. Mystic Stamp Company — Stamp Collecting, Stamp …. 57x44mm 50 Horizontal Black Split-Back Mounts. Postage Stamp Issued In 2022 – Including Priority & Express Mail! Save time and money with this year set. get started Click Here to Get Started. Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, many people wanted to help the families of those emergency workers who were killed or critically injured responding to the attacks. 1893 1¢ Columbian Commemorative. Stamp Catalog, website, and Mystic Stamp Showcase. Stamps, the Brookman Guide, the Krause-Minkus Standard Catalog of U. If you ever have a question, problem, or stamp need, you may write, call, e-mail, or fax Mystic’s Customer Service Department at: Mystic Stamp Company. 1967 5c Accomplishments in Space. Shaver purchased starter stock from Mekeel's Weekly Stamp News. Selling Your Stamps; Respond to an Ad; Quick Order Form; Stamp …. #4857 2014 34¢ Hummingbird Pane This stamp pictures a stylized digital image of a blue hummingbird. We spent over $70 million dollars in the past five years. One of the first was US #2967, the Marilyn Monroe stamp sheet featuring the stamp art on the right side of the. Quantity Issued: 1,077,488,777. Revenues Stamps for Sale at Mystic Stamp Company. The 2¢ Parcel Post stamp was first issued on November 27, 1912. For a stamp collector on a tight budget, you …. Album Slipcase, Fits Mystic's Heritage Collection and Soviet Union Collection Albums, Burgundy 8,990 points 1 add to cart >. Under this banner, everyone shall be treated equal and America will never fade. With a wide selection of seeds and plants, the Burpee Seed Com. Request Forgotten Password for an. Duck Stamps for Sale at Mystic Stamp Company. Prinz Prefolded Stamp Hinges, 5 Package of 1000 each. Their moment finally came when the new 22¢ rate was approved. Selections vary, but each includes a larg. These first issues were printed by the American Bank Note Company and were released on July 1, 1879. 1258 5c VERRAZANO-NARROWS BRIDGE - PB #27947 LR MNH CV*: $2. Canal Zone Stamps for Sale at Mystic Stamp Company. Mystic's Story; Contact Us; Resources Top of page. 1935 China Clippers Airmail Stamps. With just a few clicks, you can generate lists of: mint U. 1968 12c Henry Ford for sale at Mystic Stamp Company. 1936 3¢ Oregon Territory Centennial. re: On Mystic catalog values and prices. · Declared the most popular stamps of 1995 by the USPS. stamps for your collection with this powerful tool. US Covers Rewards at Mystic Stamp Company. dotm 0 0 1 336 1917 Mystic Stamp Company 15 3 2354 12. — Mystic Stamp Discovery Center. 1975 10¢ $20 Gold PieceBanking and Commerce Issue. The $5 War Savings stamp cost $4. You'll receive every major Scott number issued in 2021 – including the Priority Mail stamp – in one order. King Christian IV established the National Postal Service of Denmark in 1624, but its first stamp wasn’t issued until 1851. In 1988, following the USPS’s announcement that the first-class letter rate would change to 25¢, the non-denominated “E” stamp was issued. 1997-2001 Warner Brothers Sheet Collection, Set of 5. 2017 First-Class Forever Stamp - Chinese Lunar New Year: Year of the Rooster. 1983 Cover Travelled to Space Aboard Challenger Space Shuttle! Own this "Out of this world" cover that just casually made a quick trip to space 30 years ago! $69. 72x90mm 1 Vertical Black Split-Back Mount. Sign In; Browse; Menu +1-866-660-7147; Login; 0 Cart Items; Keyword Search. The smallest state in the Union, Rhode Island is also the most densely populated. #4652 2012 45¢ Cherry Blossoms and Jefferson Memorial Cherry Blossom Centennial Issue Date: March 24, 2012 City: Washington, DC. The first stamp in the set, the green one-cent “ Mayflower ,” honors the vessel that carried 102 brave travelers to the religious freedom America promised. This stamp was issued in 1999 to pay the international postage rate. Tanks of The Vietnam War, Mint Sheet, Tuvalu. #1805-101980 15¢ Letter Writing. The Scott Specialized Catalogue is an essential tool to give you the facts you need to make good collecting decisions. We serve the Mystic family of collectors with our easy-to-use MysticStamp. Lighthouse Mint Sheet Album, Fits oversized sheets up to 340 x 370 mm. 1926 McKinley and Grant, set of 2 stamps. Value: 55¢ 1-ounce First-class rate (Forever) Issue Date: June 18, 2021. Mystic Stamp Company">Request Forgotten Password for an. dotm 0 0 1 35 203 Mystic Stamp Company 1 1 249 12. Rewards Membership Number (optional). Scarce Confederate Stamp Printed by Two Different Printing Companies Surprisingly affordable CSA #12 is a piece of Civil War history you can hold in your hands. Value: 29¢, First Class Mail rate. Customers Also Bought: Recommended Items: #C59. 1935 3¢ Byrd Antarctic Expedition. Navigate stamp values and identification with Scott Catalogue. #C45 1949 6¢ Wilbur and Orville Wright Issue Date: December 17, 1949 City: Kitty Hawk, NC Quantity: 80,405,000 Printed By:. 2022 First-Class Forever Stamp - Women Cryptologists of World War II. 1965 Stamps for Sale at Mystic Stamp Company. 1972 2c National Parks Centennial: Cape Hatteras National Seashore. dotm 0 0 1 183 1044 Mystic Stamp Company 8 2 1282 12. She is a symbol of the liberty they were seeking in their new land. 1972 7c Benjamin Franklin for sale at Mystic Stamp Company. I joined Mystic Stamp Company's Heritage Imperforate Collection subscription program to evaluate their prices and product quality. 2023 Scott Specialized Catalog of United Nations Stamps. Topical Collections (Packets) for Sale at Mystic Stamp Company. 1980 15c Letter Writing: Letters Lift Spirits. 1898 1c Trans-Mississippi Exposition: Marquette on the Mississippi. Experienced results-driven media buyer. 2009 79c Zion National Park for sale at Mystic Stamp Company. 27x30mm 50 Vertical Black Split-Back Mounts. With a catalog can you can better value your collection and make the destinction between the common variety and what may. Stock Transfer (Rd) for Sale at Mystic Stamp Company. You earn 10 Reward Points for every dollar spent at Mystic. ) Click any stamps' Scott Catalogue number. ) Choose between mint and used condition to add the stamp to your cart. #3090 1996 32¢ Rural Free Delivery Issue Date: August 7, 1996 City: Charleston, WV Quantity: 134,000,000 Printed By: B. Introducing Mystic Rewards! — Mystic Stamp Discovery Center. - MM4209 32x47mm 50 Vertical Clear Bottom-Weld Mounts. Have fun finding just the right U. JFK 50c Tet Offensive (pictures shooter) $9. Mystic Stamp Company 9700 Mill Street Camden, NY 13316 Attn: Donald Sundman additional stamps-on-approval to consumers who ordered a particular stamp or stamp set or requested a free catalog. Reproduction of the 1847 Issue of America’s First Postage Stamp. A couple of years ago, I was at the Sarasota show and watched as a widow carried an album from dealer to dealer only to be disappointed at the offers. There were several First Day Covers mixed in, too, plus a high-value Columbus stamp issued in 1992. stamp sheets since the 19th century. 2006 Used Year Set Mounts (55) 1,720 points. The highest-quality stamps and supplies. Scott Specialized Catalog in Used Condition. Complete Set, 1935 Commems 756-65, 10v. By 1835, Edward established the Collins Line as one of the major American shipping firms, carrying large amounts of …. The “Jenny Invert” became the world’s most famous stamp, and the 100 examples were eagerly sought after by prominent collectors. It was also the largest series of face-different stamps, with a total of 63. Format: Printed in sheets of 400 stamps 20 by 20, cut into panes of 100, 10 by 10. - MM4203 30x45mm 50 Vertical Clear Bottom-Weld Mounts. They were then made available for sale at select post offices in other cities two days later. That’s our mission – it’s at the heart of everything we do. Abolitionist and suffragist Lucy Stone was born on August 13, 1818, in West Brookfield, Massachusetts. · Issued to celebrate the 500th birth anniversary of Martin Luther, the namesake of Lutheranism. At more than 1,000 pages, it’s packed with full-color illustrations, Scott numbers, printing details, mint and used stamp values, and lots more. 1891 1c & 2c Postage Due - 2 stamps. 1966 5c American Circus for sale at Mystic Stamp …. This block of four was the final issue honoring the 1980 Winter Olympics. All the sons were nicknamed Ike, but only Dwight kept the name through. Value: 55¢ 1-ounce First-class rate (Forever) Issue Date: May 13, 2020 First Day City: Winterthur, DE Type of Stamp: Commemorative Printed by: Banknote Corporation of America Printing Method: Offset Format: Pane of 20 Self-Adhesive. About the stamp design: Pictures a ship, one of the main 19 th-century forms of transportation associated with the San Francisco area.