Razco Holster Razco HolsterUniversal Shoulder Strap Pocket - Mesh $ 29. I emailed razco and he said he would make. That might make him a bit biased toward guns over spray but we have […] The Rich Outdoors. I'm incredibly jealous of you all (coming from someone who lives in CA and can't purchase a p365). I recently purchased a Razco holster for my sig P320 to attach to my SG Skyline bino harness. that being said, i'm giving my OV to my wife to try a marsupial, it's the last harness i'm interested in trying, and they hook up to a razco holster better than the OV 2nd gen is tempting though, they streamlined it. chest holsters; pack mount holsters; range kits; magazine carriers; accessories & apparel; holster makers. Current build times are 2 weeks. It looks like the best way to carry with a Razco holster on FHF chest rig is with the slide alll the way back. FHF harness #14426521 01/02/2014426521 01/02/20. A friend of Facebook Twitter youtube Instagram Contact us RSS. Shop for Taurus 444 Ultralite, 4 Inch Holsters online at Craft Holsters. Personally I went with a Razco holster set up that attaches to the bottom of my bino harness (and if i want, i can use the harness without the bino pouch and make a straight up chest holster). There are a total of 11 active coupons available on the Razco Gear website. I have Razco holsters for both handguns built to fit the gun with a TLR-1 Streamlight attached. Marsupial makes a soft holster for their harnesses. Razco, Holsters Designed For The Outdoors | Bozeman, MT| Razco makes some holsters designed to hang under a bino harness. Feb 16, 2021 #31 ScottR_EHJ WKR. I am going to turn Razco into a world class hunting and shooting gear company. ***Razco Holster for Alaska Guide Creations Bino Pack Glock w/ Stock Barrel - $525 shipped AlphaWolf Barrel - $100 shipped 50 rounds - $50 shipped Razco Holster - $100 shipped Buy as Whole Package - $725 shipped Won't sell barrel, ammo or holster seperately until the Pistol is sold. Joined May 31, 2017 Messages 5,462 Location Sodak. (Does NOT include Bear Spray Holster or Bear Spray. BLACKOUT Semi-Custom IWB Holster. Or possibly a Hill People Gear chest pack with bino carrier. I have the FHF with razco, works great. Joined Jun 16, 2014 Messages 130 Location Moscow ID. WTB Looking for a razco G20 bino holster. Designed to be worn inside your pants at the 3 o-clock-4:30 position this simple design is easy on easy off. Probably an added 1/2 inch of wasted space. 357 $75 shipped would be good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I tried a Ruger Redhawk and couldn't shoot it quickly as well as my smaller frame 357's. Our Taurus 444 Ultralite, 4 Inch concealed carry holsters are made from premium materials and backed up by Lifetime Warranty. How to Clean a Gun Holster. Seems like a pro of the new Razco is that you can use it with your bino harness (I have an AGC harness) or standalone. REDVANES #17620532 52 minutes ago. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. or 4 interest-free payments of $16. Made in USA Premium Leather Holsters, Belts & Accessories. -FHF bino harness w/ Razco holster for Glock 15. See Holster Knowledge page for information on these options. Watch on Current lead time: 4-6 weeks (This is how long it takes to build your holster. This Sheath is specifically designed to fit the following Ka-Bar models 1477 & 1480 TDI Law Enforcement Knives. I have vortex tripod and adapter for my vipers but it was cumbersome. I also like to drop my binocular harness when fishing, just hiking or hanging out in camp, but still have my firearm readily available. This episode brought to you by FHF Gear, more than just a bino-harness FHF makes a modular system that brings tactical efficiency to your hunting setup. Locked; WTS Razco Glock 20 Holster EXO K3. Made with high-quality, durable Cordura, our binocular harness is designed to be quiet, lightweight, low profile, modular. I noticed immediately that when I put the gun in the holster, the snap button is in the way …. I used it on a day hike in the Beartooths and I was impressed. Your Razco chest rig is designed to be worn over your right shoulder if you are right handed and left shoulder if you are left handed. Alien Gear Holsters has been proud to be a leading designer and innovator in the iwb and owb holster market for many years and is committed to continuing in that role for many years to come. You might wonder if chest holsters count when it comes to …. those hooks are handy for glassing, not having to set the bow down every time you want to glass. ( 120 Reviews ) This holster is designed to be worn inside the waistband primarily in the appendix carry position. This allows you to run your Universal Bino Harness Holster on your Kuiu Pro bino harness. This backer was originally designed for those running Foundation Wings on their bino harness or GEN2 Chest Rig, as the stabilization bar will eliminate the need to use the side attachment straps and provide front to back stabilization. Like A lot of people I grew up going down to the local bow shop and drooling over the big mounts, listening to the stories, and most of all seeing all successful pictures posted up on the brag board. Kenai Holster-$125 TYD Razco-$85 TYD. ACCESSORIES & APPAREL; HOLSTER MAKERS; ABOUT. Still looking for something else when not wearing it. Gen 1 Bino Harness Holster (backer plate only) WILL NOT. The Shoulder pads will cost you an extra $20. It attaches on the bottom and hangs down, for some it may work, but I just found it a bit cumbersome and carrying a S&W. Available in Left and Right hand versions and Black or Brown leather. Joined Aug 20, 2014 Messages 1,690 Location Montana. Razco holster attached to FHF bino harness or just the stand-alone Razco chest holster if not wearing bino harness. Alien Gear specializes in comfortable concealment, and every Rock Island 1911 A1 FS 5-inch gun holster model by Alien Gear is a perfectly capable Rock Island 1911 A1 FS 5-inch concealed carry holster as well as open carry, …. Thought about getting one of those old style holsters with a flap but they aren't kydex and don't secure the trigger as well and I don't want to carry Israeli style. Rep your Razco Gear at home or in the field. Orders over $150 ship free! HOME PRODUCTS ABOUT YOUR RAZCO GEAR CONTACT PRIVACY POLICY SUPPORTED BY RAZCO More Current lead time: 3-4 weeks We …. 1" structured webbing to attach to bottom of Binocular Pack. Attaches easily to the AGC pack and angles the weapon at an angle so it’s easy to grab and remove in a hurry. I crawled 250yds literally on my belly with no issues. WILL NOT WORK WITH GEN 2 SHELLS Backer kit for the Gen 1 Standard Bino Harness Holster. Alaska Guide Creations - h2go Water Bottle. But not sure how I feel about needing to fuss with a zippered compartment. I kept a few items in that pack like a protein. Jan 7, 2023 #2 Chape1rm Lil-Rokslider. Box: PO Box 6480 Chino Valley, AZ 86323. 5" Save this product for later Favorite. Some use drop leg holsters on their upper thigh. The Denali Chest Holster is designed and tested in Alaska. HOLSTER KNOWLEDGE; YOUR RAZCO GEAR. Razco will make a kydex holster also. But otherwise a damn fine, comfortable holster. Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk. This item: Razco Spartan Precision Equipment Javelin Bipod Carrier. There is no excuse for unsafe handling of such a powerful tool. The Gen 2 offers more versatility than ever before. -make sure it’s snug against your chest to decrease noise and rubbing. When I first saw how narrow they were, I had doubts as to how comfortable they would be but was. In 2017, we introduced the PRO-M (M stands for MOLLE). I use a FHF bino harness with a Razco holster below it to keep my gun close and out of the way. Finding a holster that is comfortable, secure, and reachable is crucial because women's bodies differ from men's. GALCO Ruger Alaskan 2 1/2 inch, Great Alaskan Shoulder System, Right Hand, GA186 – Most …. * WILL NOT WORK WITH GEN 2 SHELLS* Build time is 1-2 weeks. I hung my holster off of one of the straps that click to the bottom, made for an awkward cross draw. Joined Nov 14, 2016 Messages 514 Location montana. This interfaces with FHF, Alaska Guide Creations, and Stone Glacier bino harnesses. bought it a few months ago and just tried it out around the house. A small canister of mace, however, will handle almost all threats you can reasonably expect to defend yourself from while. Aug 2, 2021; Thread Starter #11 OP. I have this setup for my G29 and its definitely works but I actually much prefer to carry my sidearm on my exo pack belt with in an Ivory holster. I started my archery career at a small bow shop in Balston Oregon. Generation II Razco Bino Harness Holster | FHF Gear. It was fine but my god is the OV holster and tether slick. I worry about that with binos and drawing the bow. I will take the fhf package, no holster. Best holster for backcountry with backpack/ bino harness. The Razco Gear holster pairs perfectly with the FHF Gear Harness Pro-M, attaching directly to two webbing loops on the bottom of the harness and integrating to …. Razco Holster for AGC Bino Pack. Azula Gun Holsters are hand made by master craftsman with over 30 years of holster making experience. TheTone, the harness has been in the field for for testing for over two years and we have not had any reports of the velcro loop collecting any debris. Pocket holsters are designed to fit inside a pocket, such as a jacket or pants pocket. It also has the universal installation kit since I was going to run it on my Marsupial bino harness. Top 10 Hunting Safety Tips. The Glock holsters are sold out on their website, but Razco has them on theirs. and Razco have teamed up to bring you a chest holster that attaches easily to the FHF Gear Bino Harnesses or Chest Rigs. FN 509/502 Right Side IWB Holster. It employs 1-5 people and has $1M-$5M of revenue. Product Details Razco Gen 2 Bino Harness Holster *DOES NOT INCLUDE THE BINO HARNESS* Current lead time: 4 weeks (This is how long it takes to build your holster. Once you get it correctly fitted, it is subtle. Aburuza Sagardotegia, Aduna: See 29 unbiased reviews of Aburuza Sagardotegia, rated 4. 5 IWB Holster for Rock Island 1911-A1 CS 3. RAZCO for Sitka Mountain Bino Harness. Razco Gen2 Holster on Kuiu Pro Bino Harness. Now you can have both! The Bino Harness Chest Holster easily attaches your back country side arm to your FHF Gear Bino Harness. HOLSTER MAKERS · HOLSTER KNOWLEDGE · YOUR RAZCO GEAR · CONTACT · PRIVACY POLICY · SUPPORTED BY RAZCO. This might be the last holster you buy. If you hunt in grizzly country you know things are getting mighty dangerous these days. It makes the rig a boat anchor, but I am in grizzly county often. Tactical Cross Body Shoulder Pistol Gun Holster for 1911A1. This new pack uses our trademark front folding magnetic lid design but adds another layer of protection. All my holsters have the qls fork, Razco is limited on the gun and light combos they sell, These are two examples I have. Holsters Bottom Mount Holster $ 45. I went with the Razco holster on my Marsupial and absolutely love it. Preferred sidearm for hunting and or camping/hiking. The holster offers a new stabilizing bar that can be used in place of, or with the side attachment straps for added. Head over and check out @backcountryrookies if you'd like a chance to win a bino harness holster and a @fhfgear bino harness. Bino harness / holster rig Equipment. 00 5 stars View Product Universal Magazine Carrier. Includes backer plate, straps, buckles, hardware. If your pack has molle attachments mess around with different cross draw spots. Choosing the Correct Holster Find the appropriate holster for …. WTS Razco Chest Holster for Glock G20 Gen 1 to Gen 4 - coyote brown. Bottom or Rear Holster Compatible - additional hardware necessary through Venandi (Rear) or Razco (Bottom) Holsters; Badlands Bow Hook; Adjustable Shoulder Strap; Breathable AirTrack™ Suspension; Bino Connect™ Compatible (requires optional Bino Connect Kit) Size + Fit. Picture shows holster mounted on pack. 500 S&W half as fast as the 629-1, and about as accurate, too. And, today's best Razco Gear coupon will save you 20% off your purchase! We are offering 4 amazing coupon codes right now. Built so that it can hold pistol with or without TLR6 light on it. FN High Power- DeSantis Speed Scabbard Carry Leather Holster. both contender and lrg 10mm auto. we research, test and utilize only the best domestic resources available to build superior outdoor gear for fellow hunters, anglers, servicemen and women. WTS Razco bino holster Glock 43x. Some of these items ship sooner than the others. ) The Razco Holster for AGC easily attaches your …. I'm curious if anyone has tried to use a Razco for a g19 with a p10c and if so how the fit was. Looking to buy the Razco holster for the G20 -- either the stand alone one or the bino harness one. Roam confidently while you're chasing that dream!. However, if it's designed for tactical/LEO/Mil use than perhaps there was justification for needing that beefy design. There's a chill in the air, friends are gathering around bonfires, and school is back in session. There is a slight deflection in the tabs for the backer. Below is the story of Justin Rasmussen, owner and founder of Razco Gear, a new line of firearm holsters and other weapons gear that is made . The next setup was the Kenai Chest Holster, which was an awesome holster, but with a bino holster over it I couldnt reliably get to it. Current lead time: 4-6 weeks (This is how long it takes to build your holster. 5 (wear in)-Polarized sunglasses (wear in)-Sunglasses hard case (won’t smash glasses in pack 3. Extended eye cups and lens caps may effect your Recon size selection. Like our previous versions, this rig is built with a large zippered internal pocket, 3 additional internal sleeve pockets, lanyard. Here are some recommendations on how to alter and tailor the fit of your holster. Made with high-quality, durable Cordura, our binocular harness is designed …. We offer a variety of high quality, custom built holsters to provide the safest, most secure way to carry your firearm. In the past I ran a Safariland ALS holster with the molle adapter on a Mystery ranch waist belt. The Alaska Guide Creations Holster gives you easy access to your sidearm while providing the flexibility to strap it to almost any piece of gear. Shop all of Razco Gear products and accessories. Rock Island 1911 is a handgun that looks best in a custom leather holster. Grizzly country having a light attached to the gun becomes a bigger priority to me. Looking to add a Glock 20 razco holster to my load. I would say condition very very good, close to 'like new. How do you carry your pistol?. Glock 29 in chest holster (Razco) in grizz country and S&W M&P shield 40 in non grizz places on my pack waist belt. There are literally hundreds of companies making gun belts these days in all sorts of materials and styles. Since 1889, El Paso Saddlery has been producing the world’s finest holsters and gunbelts. It attaches directly to the existing buckles, webbing, D-rings, MOLLE webbing, or even to the webbing handle that is already on most pack designs. I'm more sold on the Razco, right nowand I'll probably order the Kuiu harnessunless someone tells me a valid reason why they AREN'T compatible. This is the Gen II version and I had it mounted to an FHF gear bino harness. Cam’s Average Day Approach – 52:33. Razco does make a holster that will fit my chest back but it hangs the gun down below it which will put the gun right where my pack belt, pant belt, and waist all come together. Quite a few Roksliders have since used and been happy with his chest & waist holsters, mag carriers, etc. For those who carry on the river. So here is what I ended up with. Made with high-quality, durable. Hoping to find a set that can hold either rifles or bows. If Razco happens to make a mistake (it happens sometimes) and ships you an incorrect item, we …. 5: FHF Gear Bino Harness Pro-M SCORE: 83. Safariland duty holster of your choice on a UBL low belt loop mount. It fits Gen 1 through Gen 4 Glock G20/G21's (confirmed this with Razco). New this combo costs just about $205. The Razco Holster easily attaches to the bottom of our Gen 3 Binocular Harness with the click of two straps to give the user easy, secure, and SAFE firearm access at all times while wearing our binocular harness. TFAvalanche said: Most practical would be a drop (thigh) holster on your left side. Big fan of Razco, just like having the two separate. This story exemplifies how an owner of the company can go above and beyond to help someone out this time, a stranger like me. FHF Gear Synergy Series Organizer Bags. I got a kydex paddle holster from Razco to fit my G20 with a Streamlight TLR-1 light attached but they make revolver holsters too. I hunt in some very very griz thick country. Do you think there’s much room under the recon to run a pistol if you are a shorter dude with a shorter torso. Choose between a Tek Lok mount, a paddle, or standard belt loops. This minimalist style chest rig is compact and designed to be worn high on your chest keeping it easily accessible and extremely versatile. Jul 30, 2021 #2 TrackerDan FNG. Joined Jan 20, 2015 Messages 174 Location Lutz, FL. Wear a belt designed to carry a gun. Act now and enjoy such a big sale. Dos Perros; Jul 31, 2023; Guns Classifieds; Replies 9 Views 450. Ability to remove holster from bino harness and attach directly to a nylon harness. Get the latest updates, discounts, and news from Marsupial. If I need my binos I carry them and my pistol in a hill people gear kit bag. Bino Harness Recommendations. Razco makes a chest holster that hangs off of the bottom of the FHF bino harness. The Kuiu Pro series protrude a lot more than the original. As long as it’s not the pancake style and more a wrap around style Razco has enough hole patterns on …. Bino harness recommendation. Well, when I'm on sits with the predator seat cushion, and have the rifle on a tripod I do have to make sure to shove my Razco holster which just hangs underneath the Marsupial Bino Harness a little more over towards the midline of my body to try to get the back-end edge of the pistol away from where the buttstock of the rifle will go down …. I wonder if a pistol under the harness would just be to much bulk on the chest. typically i pocket carry and only bring the holster when in brown bear country. 1 10×42 are perfect and my Leica HDBs fit, but are snug. 25” barrel 45oz empty, tritium adjustable sights, rail, 2 mags, $1535. Dec 22, 2022 #29 Desk Jockey WKR. Let me know what you have, thank you. Safariland Compatible Bino Harness Holster Gen 2 Backer. WTB Iso razco SW XDS bino holster. So close! 3 more to go until some lucky sob gets a free holster and mag carrier. Joined Jul 27, 2016 Messages 2,585 Location Adirondacks. Kifaru and JC Custom Kydex collaborated on a holster to fit the new bino harness. It worked good and was comfortable when not riding. I put my Streamlight TLR-1 on it and it fits and functions well. 0" RAZORSAFE™ SERIES BONING/FILLET REPLACEMENT. Cant say enough good things about them. I have the FHF bino harness and would like to add a holster to the back of it or more like a tight pocket. The biggest thing for me is having my Razco holster attached to the bottom of the harness. There wasn't a way to attach the Razco holster. Razco holsters will if bino holder/pocket has molle straps on bottom of bino pocket. Whatever you pick, a very low profile/slick harness will be key to comfort under a pack. I put it on first thing in the morning and and take it off last thing at night. Roam confidently while you're chasing that dream! PACK MOUNT HOLSTERS; RANGE KITS; MAGAZINE CARRIERS; ACCESSORIES & APPAREL; HOLSTER MAKERS; ABOUT. Would trade for a large size Marsupial harness or small sized backpackpack with a frame and hip belt with additional funds on …. Razco Gear Online Store | Shop Our Featured Products. You could probably get a new backing plate from him for a different harness. Thread starter matthewmt; Start date Aug 27, 2022 Aug 27, 2022. I picked up a Jimmy Tarps pals adapter for twenty bucks. new razco holster, decided to use something else. I've heard (read it on the internet, so it must be true) there might be a compatibility issue with the Kuiu Pro harness and the Razco holster. The Razco holster holds the gun in a perfect spot for me and is not floppy at all. Razco holster that hang under my bino harness. Our gun holsters are made from premium materials and backed up by Lifetime Warranty. Every Taurus 44 holster we make starts with a custom-molded retention shell, made to fit only the Taurus 44. Holsters – Alaska Guide Creations">Holsters – Alaska Guide Creations. At Galco Holsters, we recognize the critical importance of making handgun holsters that are comfortable to wear, easy to use, and – where applicable – easy to conceal. It feels very streamlined, but the gun is still very quickly accessible if needed. pump action 12 ga versus 45. Today, we're sharing 10 hunting safety tips that apply to everyone who …. Bino Harness Chest Holster (Universal). Choosing the right holster is the first step in ensuring that it stays on your waist. Joined Apr 28, 2019 Messages 1,847. Made in the USA, Alaska Guide Creations was forged in the crucible of the Alaskan wilderness. Karimoku Rustic カリモクルスティック ダイニングセット入荷 – …. I have had an FHF since they first came out- haven’t tried the razco holster for that reason but I run the gcode holster system on my pack and love it. Home Packs All Bino Packs From optics protection to in-line accessory adapters and holsters, we want to make your next hunt your best hunt with American made AGC gear. 1,235 likes · 6 talking about this. Dos Perros; Jul 31, 2023; Guns Classifieds; Replies 9 Views 448. Curious if anyone has used both and has an opinion. We don't have grizzly, mountain lion. Easy Razco Chest Holster modification! GoatBoat218; Jun 7, 2023; DIY Gear Modifications; Replies 3 Views 440. Decided to get dedicated to run a handgun in the Kenai chest hoster (Gunfighters Inc. Razco Bino Harness Chest Holster Intial Impression. Within 30 days of receiving your Razco Product, if you are not totally thrilled with your purchase, you may return said purchase for a full refund. FHF Gear Bino Harness and Razco Holster Review. I ran this last year on my FHF Harness. The other shell is for a Glock 20/21 with no weapon light. Razco Holster for G20/21 that attaches to FHF style Bino pouch. Bottom webbing tabs allow attachment of a Razco holster and/or FHF Handwarmer; Made in the USA. Wildstreak said: Just as the title states, I am looking for recommendations for a bino harness. Is it going to be a leather outside the wasitband holster or a kydex appendix iwb? This whole webpage is dedicated to answering hard questions such as these and. Home Packs All Bino Packs Holsters, Slings, and Carriers Tethers and Hardware Game Bags and Field Care. Skip to main content Skip to footer content 10% Of All Sales Donated to the Land Access Fund Up to $200k. Razco or AGC chest holster. Till the end of march code NOSHOW21. Order your holster Rock Island 1911 today!. Rokslide 2020 Best Youth Hunt Photo Contest, sponsored by …. The Razco Holster is designed to keep your firearm on you and within reach at all times. looks to be a really well designed harness, and the waterproof material is a big bonus here. One plain chest rig, and one that attaches to my FHF bino harness. Durable nylon web straps and strong molded polymer buckles seat your Glock 20 chest. The Montana Bow Sling was designed and is manufactured by another Bozeman, Montana innovator, Creative Outdoors, LLC. I love my revolvers but I don't shoot any revolvers bigger than 357 as well as I'd like. I’m looking at the Chest holsters. Stone Glacier SkyLine Bino Harness Review. There are different types of holsters available, including inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB), shoulder, ankle, and pocket holsters. Joined Aug 27, 2019 Messages 213 Location Idaho. Reposted from @backcountryrookies - 🔥 August Giveaway 🔥 This month we teamed up with @fhfgear And @razcogear to giveaway a FHF Gear Bino Harness and a Razco Bino Harness Chest Holster. trying to decide between a Hill people gear recon pack with the bino pack attachmen. I was hoping someone has some experience with the razco holster for the sitka mountain bino harness. It was never actually used aside from 2 or 3 fit checks. Sort of like the idea of the Kenai because it may be able to rest higher on the chest underneath the FHK. Looking for a Razco chest holster for Glock G20. You do things just a little differently than a standard Razco tip of the day: Drawing From A Chest Holster. The Pro Carry LT Zombie edition - For a limited time only. This also keeps my weak arm out of the way of my gun. Check out his latest review to see his favorite way to carry his binoculars in the field. Size Guide – Alaska Guide Creations. or 4 interest-free payments of $29. Measure your binos to ensure a proper fit. Sitka Mountain Optics Harness Review. Our mission is enabling you to defend yourself wherever life's rad adventures take you. I have no experience using one, but the Razco holsters are on my list. If you're happy with our products, tell. Binocular Harness Chest Holster – T & K Hunting Gear. The holster is intended for a Glock 20 Gen 3-4 and can accommodate a Surefire X300 weapon light. Kenai Chest Holster With Bino …. I’ve had a HPG chest kit before, loved it for stuff but less so for drawing a firearm. I have a chest, FHF bino harness, and a paddle holster for the G20. Vs the Alaska guid creation ravus with the cloth holster. I ordered my Razco holster to go with my FHF binocular harness and learned shortly after ordering. Razco + Marsupial Gear Harness Holster Attachment Instructions. Skip to main content Skip to footer content Free Shipping On Orders Over $199. Fits FHF, Alaska Guide Creations, and Stone Glacier. Send us your stories, photos, or testimonials to add to the wall. We utilize Razco holsters which hook to the side webbing that holds the female buckles on the binocular pouch. WTB ISO Razco holster for Glock 29. It is heavy and I have considered trying a drop holster to get some weight off my bino harness. Pro: Great quality at an easy to swallow price. Kenai (pictures), StealthGearUSA chest holster, NW Retention Recon, etc. Add on kit to be able to mount your Gen 2 Bino Harness Holster to your Sitka Mountain bino harness. Never gets in my way even with a bow. Just switched this year off a holster on the hip belt of. io's hyper local air quality and pollen forecast in Aduna. Autumn ushers in some pretty lively changes. Order your concealed carry holster today! Free Shipping Over $199 | Premium Lifetime Warranty. Adjustable in size for most larger handguns. I carry a 329 pd in a marsupial revolver holster under their harness, works well. Dave’s Guides Choice, Razco Gear, or Exo Mountain Gear holster made by Ivory Holsters. How to attach the Razco Gen 2 Harness Holster to your Marsupial Gear Binocular Chest Harness. A Razco holster came with my XDM 5. Be sure to check out custom 1911 Kydex Holsters, 1911 3. All of our concealed and open carry products are USA-made and backed. Attachment Loops on underside of Rig allows for MOLLE Muff attachment or Razco Holster Attachment; Sheathed Lanyard Attachment points on either side of the chest rig to keep lanyards housed and tight to the rig; Made in USA; How it's built 500D Cordura exterior; Magnetic catch; Airmesh rear panel;. Both have a Razco holster that attaches to my bino harness that holds the gun and a Streamlight TLR-1 light. All Holsters Concealed Carry Open Carry Bundles Shells. Shipping is 3-4 days after it is built. PredatorSlayer said: Is this compatible with a Razco holster?. I ordered a pair of Razco holsters designed to work with the light. The razco holster fit perfectly for what I needed. This model is for the FHF Pro-M harness. Marsupial harness quirks…. The Sitka one was way too big and bulky. Keeps firearms on your body so your always prepared for the worst. Razco tip of the day: Drawing From A Chest Holster. Jun 2, 2023 #13 5MilesBack "DADDY" Joined Feb 27, 2012 Messages 14,789 Location Colorado Springs. Joined Dec 25, 2021 Messages 36. Binocular Harnesses with Justin Crossley. FHF Gear and Razco have teamed up to bring you a chest holster that attaches easily to all of our foundation pieces. Current build times are 3-4 weeks. The bottom of the pouch has two webbing straps that can be used to work with their bow hanger clips, sidearm holster or bear spray holder. You would think a Pro size L would have been the same depth (front to back of pouch) as the original, size L. 500 to your ffl Also have a razco holster for fhf or agc. Joined Oct 31, 2016 Messages 86 Location. Hey folks, the new season of MeatEater is live right now on the MeatEater Website. You can now remove the holster from your bino harness, take the harness off the pouch on some brands of bino harnesses, and attach the harness portion to the holster to use it as a stand alone chest rig. I am going with the universal Razco when wearing my bino harness. FN 503 Right Side Carry IWB Holster. What bino system is Justin using - :45 Marsupial vs FHF - 1:30 Marsupial vs Alaska Guide Creations - 2:00 Other harnesses Justin has used - 4:45 Accessories - 8:00 Razco Holsters - 8:45 TAGS agc. Joined Mar 10, 2018 Messages 340 Location Montana. Finding the correct material and carry style can sometimes be a pain in the behind. Joined May 18, 2014 Messages 316. Orders over $150 ship free! HOME PRODUCTS ABOUT YOUR RAZCO GEAR CONTACT PRIVACY POLICY SUPPORTED BY RAZCO More Current lead time: 3-4 weeks We partnered with FHF Gear to solve the problem of the endless struggle for space on your chest for either your bino harness or chest holster. Razco holster chest rig for a fhf bino harness Fits a Smith and Wesson 686+ 2. Eventually, that little shop closed down and I …. Joined May 23, 2020 Messages 484. I choose to go with the hip holster because of practice and familiarity. Joined Jan 21, 2022 Messages 161. I used some 1" strapping I had laying around. Dos Perros; Jul 31, 2023; Guns Classifieds; Replies 9 Views 417. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Joined Jul 30, 2015 Messages 485 Location Colorado. You can now remove the holster from your Marsupial Gear Bino Harness and attach the . I sometimes carry a 15rd if im using the OWB holster. $70 TYD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro. Attachment Loops on the underside of the rig allow for MOLLE Muff attachment or Razco Holster Attachment; Sheathed Lanyard Attachment points on either side of the chest rig to keep lanyards housed and tight to the rig; How it's built Weight: TPU (Waterfowl Patterns ONLY): 1. Joined Feb 14, 2020 Messages 55. Pistol on Kifaru Hunting Pack. I'm running an FHF Bino harness and bought the incorporated Razco holster for my 1911. I have a light for it (O-Light Mini-Valkyrie) but I got the light after ordering the Razco. I have a Razco holster for my G20 and it sits low enough to clear the side pouch. Joined Feb 24, 2016 Messages 2,092 Location. HOLSTER KNOWLEDGE; YOUR RAZCO …. Pinning the hand to the chest keeps it out of the way. Is this a razco on the vino harness or separate with the razco chest holster underneath? Oct 5, 2021 #14 MT_Wyatt WKR. Joined May 16, 2015 Messages 1,421. I have never had one so I am new to them. Alaska in Motion put together this marketing video for Razco Gear, a custom holster making company in Juneau Alaska. IIRC my G20 fully loaded (16) weighs 3lbs and I barely even know it's on my hip for bowhunting. Born in Aurora, Made in Alaska. ETW Holsters 1911 Commander IWB, 1911 IWb, 1911 Tuckable Custom holster, 1911 Leather Holster w/Sweat Shield, 1911 IWB custom, customholster (429) $ 94. SOLD - I have a lightly used Razco bino harness holster I got for my Glock 23 last year- Glock 19 has the same frame, so it fits both. FOB Bino Harness The FOB Bino harness is a fully enclosed forward-operating bino harness, that serves as a secure location for binoculars and other critical gear during your outdoor pursuits. Badseed; Sep 11, 2023; Rokslide Classifieds; Replies 1 Views 69. Carry my 329PD under my bino harness. 5K subscribers 218 17K views 2 …. Got a different gun this year so no need for this holster. Joined Jun 12, 2020 Messages 3,081 Location OC, CA. Since I was getting holsters longer to accomodate the light I ordered the 6" KKM barrel when I ordered. Kydex® is a great material to make a holster from and it will cause minimal surface wear if you keep gunk out of it. Everything Ive seen points to the over penetrating Hard Cast ammo being a game changer on the big bears. And, the Razco Holster is another $99. D7EF9680-72F5-4978-8E24-1A48F9C15901. Pack Mount Pistol Holders. What do you use? Similar to the attached picture. Super comfortable and doesn’t bounce around. *DOES NOT INCLUDE HOLSTER SHELL* Includes backer plate, straps, buckles, hardware. Welcome to Video 5 of a 31 part Pistol Skills Video Series with Ernest Langdon! Part two of how to draw from the holster quickly and consistently are covered. The bino harness and holster were designed to complement one another. Are Chest Holsters Considered Concealed Carry? Did you know that concealed carry, in some form, is legal in all 50 states? Carrying a gun is a great safety measure in many situations, but it's important to carry it correctly. I want to tell a story about the owner of Razco, Tim Rasmussen. Cant get ahold of RasmussenI ordered a holster from a place compatible with razco holster backersI need just the backer for a kifaru pack beltdoes anybody know how to buy just the backer from razco? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro. The Zacchaeus© Concealment Holster. This comes with extra hardware and both style of attachments. We stand behind our gear 100% and will fix or replace your gear should it ever break. I would like to get $60, buyer pays shipping. Anyone know if that pistol will take the same holster as the XD 45, or if it is an option marsupial just hasn’t listed yet? I’ll probably. Alien Gear Cloak Chest Holster Base. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro. This holster offers the hunter a lightweight option with an ultra-fast draw for your chosen sidearm without a bulky holster hanging off the side of your backpack waist strap. I understand what your saying because I bought a 329pd 44 mag. When mounting a holster to a molle belt on a pack, there’s solutions ranging from dedicated molle mounted. like new, bino harness is size medium (current vedsion) with the padded shoulders and rangefinder pouch large, both in ranger green. SOLD Razco Right Hand Glock 20/21 holster for bingo harness. WTB Razco holster for FHF bino harness. I'm mostly in the backcountry and always with a large pack. Sold Razco Bino Harness Holster Gen 2 Glock 20/29 Gen 3 & 4. Shipping is 3-4 days after it is built) Gen 2 Bino …. 0 1 rating $14000 Color: Ranger Green About this item Multi-hole pattern on backer plate …. My pack has pouches on the waist belt so a regular hip holster mounted to my pack is out. 9) Sleep-Thermarest Mesh cot 70-Kifaru Slickbag +20 wide 39-Thermarest Neoair X therm pad large 5. Lightweight, secure, compact fit. 25", I fitted it to my bino harness but it's not all that impressive sure glad I didn't spend $100 on it. I'll wait a bit before popping for another holster solution. For carrying while hunting I'd strongly look at the FHF bino harness with Razco holster attached. Thread starter andydwyer; Start date Jan 6, 2023; Jan 6, 2023 #1 andydwyer Lil-Rokslider. Joined Sep 29, 2019 Messages 226 Location MN. MeatEater Family of Brands (First Lite, FHF Gear, Phelps). JMG said: I also have the Razco holster that attaches underneath my FHF bino-harness. Access the newest seasons of MeatEater, save content, and join in discussions with the Crew and others in the MeatEater community. Prefer the Bino Harness Holster but would take the Universal too. Glock 20 (10mm) w/ a streamlight, loaded w/ buffalo bore in a razco holster attached to the bottom of my bino pack if hunting archery. I watched their install video and they never showed someone wearing it. Just have to adjust the holster into a good position. Hosking Chest Holster for Walther PPQ, open ended, it is a chest mounted holster, that is very comfortable, durable, and most of all affordable. com) Specs: Made in the USA, limited lifetime, semi-enclosure, Razco Holsters compatible, 9. Some run stand alone chest rigs- seems like most magnum revolver fellas run these. Wearing a hip holster poses two problems, excess pressure on my hip cause by waist belt of pack and lack of quick. 7 R value 20-Kuiu Storm Star 2 person tent 93. 6 KB · Views: 212 Nov 8, 2021 #20 roosiebull WKR. Here is what I love about the holster, I ran. Locked; Sold Razco Bino Harness Holster Gen 2 Glock 20/29 Gen 3 & 4 - New. Joined Jul 30, 2015 Messages 4,899 Location Lenexa, KS. The benefit of true leatherwork is practical, safe and comfortable carry. He also happens to own a holster company that designs a holster for better bear protection. It's about as small a pistol that I feel I can shoot almost as well as the G19 sized guns. Holster Store">S&W Governor. Leather gun holsters are a popular choice among gun enthusiasts due to their durability, comfort, and style. Gen 1 Bino Harness Holster Universal (backer plate only) WILL NOT WORK WITH GEN 2 SHELLS $51. This will be for a Glock 20 & primarily for my AK hunts. Unlimited Hunt Advice – 01:03:50. Stock Glock 20 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. However, this style is also comfortable to carry at the 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock position as well. Kuiu Pro Bino Harness pistol carry. This is great for the pack out or off season when you may not need your binoculars but still want your pistol on you. Safariland Model 6360RDS ALS/SLS Level-III Duty Holster. Or is it better to just go chest righ and wear uner the harness. Bottom webbing tabs allow attachment of a Razco holster and/or FHF Handwarmer; Made in the USA; This is one of those products that is exactly what it says it is. NOTE: Please allow 4 weeks for order production, and 3-4 days for shipping. FHF Gear Bino Harness and Razco Holster Review, By Matt. The Ivory Holsters Way Ivory Holsters was built from the ground up, to serve a community of individuals that believe in their right to bear arms. Of course more gear and buckles/straps means more noise and stuff to catch on brush.