Upper Guk Upper GukProject 1999 Auction Tracker (Blue) Search Forum. Stone Hand where shaman spell vendor Stragak is located 4. (Upper Guk) Head to Upper Guk and kill a froglok priest. You are good so most towns you can travel to. 58 Kills & Upper Guk = The Mushroom Grove (Entrances are in Everfrost Peaks. Another zone worth considering, although it is further away is Upper Guk at the entrance. can get gear from there as a …. 3% Greater Faydark-0% Kedge Keep-33. I liked Unrest/Mistmoore because I liked to hunt away from other people mostly. This hub has South Ro, Oasis, Rathe Mountains, Temple of Cazic Thule and Upper Guk for low-level players to level in. Upper Guk – Level 10-30 – 150 Modifier – One of the most popular zones in the game, great for grouping. Gold - Kill a Fungus Mutant in upper guk loot degenerated guk weed and trade it to Melixis at Kerra Isle, she will give you the Gold ring. Fortunately, all you need is an Internet connection, and you can watch on your computer, handheld device or through an Internet connection on your TV. Lavastorm - spiders, then basaliks. Eyes in upper Guk off the frogs near lower guk that carry fine steel weapons. Evil characters will need to max their faction and wear the Scalp of the Ghoul. Social aggro to most mobs in the room. Retrieve a Shining Stone from Shadow Men (Various Zones) Find some Shadow Men in Lesser Faydark, Neriak Forest, Commonlands or. EQ Map Preservation: Kaesora maps BACK TO INDEX BACK TO INDEX [[ HOME ~ /IMAGES ~ /ATLAS ~ /EVERLORE ~ /MANUAL]] [ Ak'Anon ~ Befallen ~ BlackBurrow ~ Burning Woods ~ Butcherblock Mtns ~ Cabilis ~ Cazic-Thule ~ Chardok ~ City of Mist ~ Cobalt Scar ~ Crushbone ~ Crystal Caverns ~ Dagnor's Cauldron ~ Dalnir ~ Dragon …. The minimum level to zone into Lower Guk is 5. maybe they tried to fix that and messed things up. a froglok gaz knight; a froglok gaz shaman; a froglok gaz squire; a froglok gaz warrior; a froglok guard; a froglok necromancer; a froglok neophyte; a froglok nokta shaman; a froglok novice; a froglok priest; a froglok scryer; a froglok sentinel; a froglok sentry; a froglok shin knight; a froglok. Any area that has a steady stream of dark blue mobs is a viable xp location. Crown of Deceit :: Quests :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Low teens, rusty weapons, and an occasional bronze. Upper Guk Old World 66 gukbottom Lower Guk Old World 67 kaladimb Kaladim (B) Old World 68 butcher Butcherblock Mountains Old World 69 oot Ocean of Tears Old World 70 cauldron Dagnor's Cauldron Old World 71 airplane Plane of Sky Old World 72 fearplane Plane of Fear Old World 73 permafrost Permafrost Keep. 5 Feet like Cat: Secondary AGI really doesn't add much at this level. This is easily soloable but the froglok shin lord is a rare spawn and the Ghoulbane is a rare drop. undead to us, and we ran to the hand room. I'm currently trying to zone into Upper Guk and it's been 16 minutes and counting. 23-25 The spiders on the other side of Eastern Karana, at the end of the canyon to highold pass. Fixer-uppers offer lots of opportunities but come with some pitfalls. This hunting guide was compiled …. Upper Guk Lake of Ill Omen Solusk s Eye (you might be able to do the entrance spawns at this level) Aviak village in South Karana 24-30 Split Paw Frontier Mountains Solo in unrest basement if you can. All of the saltwater crocs spawn at the same time (and at the same level as each other), and the respawn timer is not reset until they are all killed. The LDON's in So Ro take place in the Innothule Swamp, and Upper Guk. Once you're level 6 or 7 you can safely hunt the northern most orange box I have marked on the map above. Quote Reply # Sep 07 2003 at 6:56 PM Rating: Decent __DEL__1592259334176. Ghoulbane :: Quests :: EverQuest :: ZAM">Ghoulbane :: Quests :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Maximum damage is 128 (usually twice) and a lot of hit points. The Copper, Silver, and Gold Rings can be obtained through the "Shiny Rings" quest in Toxxulia Forest (see the link to the left) which involves camping the Fungus Mutant in Upper Guk. That is the lower right side of the map. Only in a very very few situations would the wizard be stronger then warlock, overall warlock is far superior to wizard. That will usually hold you over until mid 20s atleast. They give +25 faction per kill. What Causes Pain in the Upper Thigh?. I take my 26 necro to Upper Guk to exploring and grind some xp. Grelleth's Palace, the Chateau of Filth. Quote Reply # May 16 2005 at 11:12 PM Rating: Decent __DEL__1591840036478. Rumors persist of an undead legion of Frogloks being built in the depths of the ruins. West Karana - Classic EQ Leveling Guide. The entrance from upper guk that is further away from the …. 5 Fleeting Fury: Situational Pick up this spell ONLY If you're twinked with high AC and high damage weapons. Half nostalgia post, half brag post, half recruitment post: Amidst the chaos that was last night's launch, a bunch of …. You get one rune of scale off of a saltwater croc in Guk, one off of a deepwater croc in Oasis, and the last rune off a lava croc in lavastorm. Here's my huge qualm with OP's request. I went to Unrest but had trouble really getting into a good group. This morning I was able to zone in less than a minute. Noobie Enchanter Leveling Question : r/project1999. Unique Loot A Shimmering Orb (Common) [1] 1x 25% (50%) Glowing Mask (Rare) [1] 1x 25% (16%) Bracelet of Woven Grass (Rare) [1] 1x 25% (16%) Common Loot Mesh Helm (Ultra Rare) [1] 1x 25% (17%) Mesh Gorget (Ultra Rare) [1] 1x 25% (17%) Mesh Mantle (Ultra Rare) [1] 1x 25% (17%). ZEM is fantastic and gators are stupidly easy with a ton of spawns. Froglok novices heal and frogs will flee so keep them rooted. Kunark Zones with Good ZEM now?. Reviews on Guk Bab in New York, NY - Cho Dang Gol Korean Restaurant, Barn Joo, Five Senses, Busan Gukbap, Dons Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar, Sa Rit Gol, New Wonjo …. Recently, however, the uprising in Guk resulted in the takeover of Grobb by the frogloks. The Amethyst Bracelet and the Silver-plated Leggings are dropped off the Froglock Yun Priest in Lower Guk. I found the ramp room, i found the fungus farm, and i still cant find the way to get to the Warden. Illia's Everquest Bestiary :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Quote Reply # Oct 08 2006 at 2:15 PM Rating: Decent. Knowing that she has the upper hand, Tae Guk accepts the deal that heavily favours Soo Jae. Armor Class / Ancient Cyclops (Ocean of Tears, South Ro) / Ancient Croc (Upper Guk) Increase with level and AC gear. Zone Time Beholder's Maze: 6:00 East Commonlands: 6:40 Eastern Plains of Karan: 6:40 Erud's Crossing: 6:40 Everfrost Peaks: 6:40 Highpass Hold: 5:00 Gnolls Gnoll PH 22:00 Innothule Swamp: 6:40 Kithicor Forest: 6:40 Lake Rathetear: 6:40 Lavastorm Mountains: 6:40 Misty Thickey: 6:40 Nektulos Forest: 6:40. So keep trying and the weed will drop. Halls of Honor B) Tower of Solusek Ro. Either that, or gnome for unrest at level 10 and probably the easiest faction to deal with. The Ruins of Guk: Halls of the Fallen. 2 days ago · Charlie, who became a hot topic last year with his collaboration with Jong-Guk (BTS), will conduct live performances in Korea from October 20 to 22. Earliest source of magic gloves/boots will be netted or mesh armor from frogloks in Innothule Swamp / Upper guk. Introduction video for my channel made by mangegnosis yt:https://www. I'd recommend a duo here because the shaman and necromancer Sarnaks suck. Stay near the ent I bet you anything some high lvl will run by and buff you/give you items. *Qeynos Aqueducts: 1-15, 33-38, 125. for example if your 25 get the tasks for 20,25 and 30 if it lets you. His location is 1557, -749, -167 I was hunting him for the Crown of Deceit quest, in 5 kills he dropped the following: 3 skull-shaped barbutes 1 short shord of the. ⁃ Designed for Level 110+ characters (but can be used by any level character) ⁃ Explores “routes” corresponding to Explorer (xpac-level) achievements. Currently I am just killing froglocks near the Guk zone hoping for them to drop money and sellable items. Rumors persist of an undead legion of frogloks being built. Permafrost is better than Upper Guk, the drop rate is about the same, but the gobos respawn a lot faster in Permafrost. Walked into Shin Lord and got ghoulbane, completly uncontested, camped fungus freak, sat in scryer room for few hours. SK is also good soloing between 25 to 35. As a Cleric I was able to start a few zones at a lower level than most. These "Simple Tasks" are a series of kill tasks that take place in current hotzones (see this wiki article for a list). Unique Loot A Shimmering Orb (Common) [1] 1x 25% (50%) Glowing Mask (Rare) [1] 1x 25% (16%) …. 5 minutes: 6: 16: 20: Upper Guk: Froglok Scryer area: 6-10 ~13. Quote Reply # Jun 11 2007 at 7:04 AM Rating: Decent. I think you have to kill the undead froggies to improve the faction with the npc in upper guk. NPC Name; a saltwater croc: West Karana. 12-19: Kurn's Tower - Solo random DB's and Whites, stay away from yellows unless you are buffed. Semi-rare spawn on the Tiger/Heretic Necromancer Isle. Zone: Upper Guk: Location: 20% @ (267, -146) Stats AC: 202 HP: 704 (0) Damage per hit: 1 - 44 Attacks per round: 1 (100%) Special: None Description. Not to be confused with [[Froglok Forage. Directions How do I get there? This guide describes how to get to each main Everquest Zone, from the Plane of Knowledge. Upper guk, unrest, sola are dungeons for your lvl range plus. Live and dead side routes are covered in this tutorial along with some tips and tricks to make it easier. Upper Guk min level 15? People start there around 5 or 6. Back after 12 years and I've got questions. 20-30 Upper Guk 30-50 Lower Guk I actually enjoy Guk a lot. Can reverse charm the Derv camps for insane do 19-22/23 - Oasis crocs and caimans 23-28 - upper Guk till it greens out. In Upper Guk: the mature looking Froglok Tad that is a warrior: Frogloks of Guk -3 the mature looking Froglok Tad that is a shaman: Frogloks of Guk -2 I haven't found the one that looks like a tadpole yet to check it. Had an Erudite try and go into a Dwarf building in Butcher the other night and couldn't figure it out. With my personal choice being Sol A or Upper Guk. These aren't too bad to nuke, root/nuke is totally doable - they don't drop. Maybe 34 in FM, 24 would be more suited to WW giants. Move to upper floors as needed. In this Everquest Project 1999 video we finish up with a bang by takin down the main boss of Upper Guk the froglok shin lord! He drops Ghoulbane do we get on. There is no way to raise Frogloks of Kunark. Spiraling upward like the twisted, gnarly fingers of Innoruuk himself, willows and other …. It is in Upper Guk, but on second level of Guk. I invis'd us and we ran to guk via the underwater passage. I have done the incandesecent mask. You should start using my map pack or learn how height filters work …. Vin Moltor :: Bestiary :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Zones; Erud's Crossing Kerra Island Stonebrunt Mountains Toxxulia Forest The Hole The Warrens. This task begins with Franklin Teek (map) in the Plane of Knowledge. Green Froglok Skin :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM. They are not social, however they do have a small proximity aggro range. Post your best leveling guide. Located in the very southern edge of Antonica, it lies beyond the Southern Desert of Ro and adjacent to The Feerrott, home of the Ogres. I met a good enchanter and we headed off to make a group. Can you start Upper Guk at 6? I thought at that level, there's only a handful of mobs to pull around the entrance. Warrior Pike #4 (Trooper's Pike) Player crafted. The crocs are close together but pull single. These are boxes in the treasure hoard of Molinap the Destructor. First stop was the Froglok Scryer and I was lucky enough to walk away with a few new bracers! But groups seemed to thin out especially in the off peak hours. Thought people exaggerated how tedious getting that guy was but if the sword is rare, bring a bunch of books my initial plan was to EXP on …. Zone: Upper Guk: Location: 17% @ (1104, 266) Stats AC: 251 HP: 587 (0) Damage per hit: 11 - 56 Attacks per round: 2 (100%) Special: None Description. KFC in SK (the aviak village) can be really good levelling spot that takes you 20-30, I often like going there. Image Name Level Range Type Zone Expansion; a decrepit froglok: 50 - 50: Quest NPC: Upper Guk: a Dungeon Rot infected: 20 - 30: Monster: Upper Guk: a froglok apprentice. It avoids druid, wizard and guild hall ports where possible. Place holders are shin, tsu and vis forgloks. Bring me these four items, and I will make for you an acumen mask. 4 Size: SMALL Class: CLR DRU BRD SHM NEC WIZ MAG ENC Race: ALL (30-35 Lguk Ghoul ritualist) Hollowed Bone Bracers. the froglok shin lord; Sold by. Upper airway biopsy is surgery to remove a small piece of tissue from. That's based on parsing my log files for two different characters who went through this faction, one primarily in Guk and one primarily in Sebilis. Has anyone actually gotten the gold ring from him? If you're doing the Paw quest then get the copper and platinum from him, the degenerated guk weed (common drop) for the gold off the fungus mutant in Upper Guk, and then go for a swim at the bottom of. Large snake rattles drop in east and west commons. After the heart spiders i got back through the hall and make a left at the froglok warriors, when you get to the small bridge make a sharp left to find another. I did 20-30 in WW giant fort in like a day, then HH guards to 42 in really short order. Frontier Mountains Giant fort might have some room for you also. There are also Frogloks in Kunark found mainly in Swamp of No Hope, Firiona Vie, Old Sebilis, and Trakanon's Teeth. He loves to barely survive single mob encounters and slowly eek out levels one per evening. Room with a froglok nokta shaman who drops Globe of Shadow, placeholder Vis Shaman 4. " Are you sure this is the one with an A? Page top. Armor for casters can be more troublesome to obtain. Factions Decreased: Frogloks it is a great item i am wanting one my main prob is my race is not liked in guk being i am a lightie and it is a pvp server umm and on top of that it is often easier and alot less stressful because it is rare drop to find a good drop spot i will not give any sugestions but i am sure you know em and. EQTC:Quests:PoP:CrownOfDeceit. NPC Name; a froglok gaz knight: a froglok gaz shaman: a froglok gaz warrior: a froglok shin knight: a froglok shin shaman: a froglok tal shaman: a froglok ton knight: a froglok ton shaman: a froglok ton warrior: a froglok tuk knight: a froglok tuk shaman: a froglok tuk warrior: Zone(s) Found In: Zone Name;. Gold Ring :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Najena – Level 15-35 – 130 Modifier – Great zone. In the east wing are the testing halls with aggressive dragonkin, while in the north are the Guardians of Veeshan who are not particularly fond of visitors. Item Alert Gatorscale Leggings - Legs, 7 armor, 4 Wisdom, 15 HP. The quest giver indicates that the entrance is in the swamp. You will collect a LOT of silk. There would be zero friendly vendors or safe places for. The Blade of Abrogation is at times carried by monsters in the Plane of Sky. This item is not used in player. So, they added an item with a faction modifier to a high level undead frog to help out. (25-35 Upper guk Ancient Croc) Embroidered Black Sleeves. Croc Room with Ancient Crocodile who drops Gatorscale Leggings and Gatorscale Sleeves (PH is a saltwater croc, between one and five) 3. You could use a variety of classes but a cleric is a must. best zones to lvl in classic ?. Upper Guk Quick Facts HOT ZONE Type: Indoor Expansion: Antonica Instanced: No Keyed: No Level Range: 5 - 30 Send a correction Home of the frogloks and many other creatures. Progression Server Leveling Guides. In this Everquest project 1999 video I show you an easy way to get to the lower guk zoneline from upper guk entrance. 3 Room with Nokta Shaman who drops Globe of Shadows, placeholder Vis Shaman. There are a few things you should know about the mask and getting to it. Page 3 can be found in Lower Guk from Bloodthirsty Ghouls and Frienzied Ghouls. The top frog himself, he is found deep in the depths of Lower Guk, and is guarded by Guk knights I believe. ), Fire Giants (Solusek B), skyash drake in Skyfire Elven Blood: off a variety of elves. Note (7/23/2021): I started killing the mutant as a level 33 Druid and was able to completely avoid aggroing any other mobs. For those not familiar with Lower Guk, the ghoul lord is found at the dead end of a hall in the eastern lowest level. This vast network of dark tunnels is the ruins of the ancient Froglok city of Guk. guk is the hardest of the rods to get, but here is how I did it, and it worked pretty well. Most solo kills on blues were around 2% or more. An ancient ruined city located off of Innothule Swamp, legend has it that Guk was once home to the Trolls. Sol B) Najena Nektulos Forest Northern Desert of Ro Northern Plains of Karana Oasis of Marr Permafrost Keep Qeynos Hills Rathe Mountains Runnyeye Citadel Solusek's Eye (a. Lower Guk, Kedge Keep, High Keep (nobles & guards) Variations. The Shin Lord Finale! Ghoulbane!? Uguk / P99 Everquest. She is usually near entrance to Guk. I noticed he wasn't camped for a change so I wanted to see what the big deal was (why I see ppl camping him all the time) So I killed him. Quote Reply # May 21 2003 at 4:30 AM Rating: Decent __DEL__1592758796491. Necro owns guk better than any other. Also Droga is good exp but it can be dangerous. The upper part of the city is fairly intact and home to numerous frogloks now. Around level 30 I grouped at Mistmoore Castle. Fire Spiral of Al'Kabor (Trivial: 41) Shock Spiral of Al'Kabor (Trivial: 95) Force Spiral of Al'Kabor (Trivial 140). Gator Meat :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Where to find groups in each level range? (cleric) : r/project1999. a Darkbone Skull from a Greater Darkbone Skeleton (26-30) in the Estate of Unrest. Spawns near Forager Grikk outside Upper Guk, patrols a small area. Get a mage to summon you some weightless bags and loot fine steel weapons and bronze armor; they'll sell for 5p each. I think you are referring to the *Quested* version of ghoulbane. 1) Go to the Crypts in Sebilis (lockpick required, approx 200) and kill undead frogs until you reach +750 into warmly with Frogloks of Guk faction. The City of Guk, more commonly known as Upper Guk, is the upper level of one of the largest dungeons to be found in the entire realm of Norrath, and home to one of the most advanced societies, on par with the Kerrans. At 50+ I practically lived in The Hole. Category:The Ruins of Guk: Halls of the Fallen Mission Quests. new player i would do high elf magician. I had a friend start a necro (gets invis vs. Quote Reply # Jun 10 2007 at 10:53 PM Rating: Excellent __DEL. Previous posts indicate he may be able to spawn in any. In Rathe Mountains at 19 on the EQAtlas map are Hill Giants. The Soul Leech, Dark Sword of Blood is in possession of the God of Fear, Cazic-Thule, in the Plane of Fear. Level 20-25: Unrest, High Pass/High Keep, Upper Guk Level 25-30: High Keep, Upper Guk Level 30-35: Mistmoore, Lower Guk Level 35-40: Level 40-45: Level 45-50: burkemi5. ----------------------- Comments (59) …. The Swamp of No Hope is a vast marsh, extending from the southeast corner of Cabilis far to the east. The bridge is very thin, and it curves in a couple of places. Innothule Swamp :: Zones :: EverQuest :: ZAM">Innothule Swamp :: Zones :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Icon of the Penitent (Drops off of Maugarim, an Erudite Shadow Knight, in Kerra Island. Effect: Dismiss Undead (Combat, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 20. Then made a go for the hand room. A Guk Ghoul Knight 48 - 48 Undead Lower Guk A Fetid Fiend 48 - 52 Undead Plane of Fear A Revenant 49 - 54 Undead The Hole A Turmoil Toad 49 - 52 Undead Plane of Fear A,25,25,Upper Guk A Greater Dark Bone,Greater Dark Bone; A,26,30,Unrest A Shin Ghoul Warrior,Shin Ghoul Warrior; A,27,27,Lower Guk. Remains practical at all times! Located in a bar/storage room area. Once you hit the 20s you unlock CT and in the 30's Lower Guk. EverQuest route from Innothule/Upper Guk to the dead side of Lower Guk. Zone: Upper Guk: Location: 50% @ (286, -77) Respawn Time: 16min 30sec Stats AC: 226 HP: 875 (1) Damage per hit: 1 - 50 Frogloks of Guk (-30) Opposing Factions. Previous posts indicate he may be able to spawn in any of the 3 spawn points near that location. Party: You should probably have a party of 6 level 28 …. In Episode 14 of The EverQuest Show, we explore the ruins of Old Guk, one of the original dungeons in classic EverQuest, with the developer who designed it, Geoffrey Zatkin. 35 - 38 Upper Guk: Ancient Croc Camp, this camp is a little more dangerous but you can use charm animals. Found near the Upper Guk zone line in Innothule. This guy has several spawn points, two of which are confirmed as being location 110, 100 just to the west of the entrance to Upper Guk, and another at -1211, -383. Recommended level 33 for a Druid trying to solo, but doable at 29. Upper Guk 40 % Lower Guk 40 % Emerald Jungle 0 Castle Mistmore 46,6 % Kaesora 46,6 % Sol B 53 % Fungus Grove 0 Burning Woods 0 Maidens Eye 0 Trakanon Teeth 0 Cobalt Scar 0 The Deep 33,5 % Karnor Castle 26,6 % Chardok 46,6 % Skyfire 6,6 % City of Mist MINUS 24 % Sebilis 33,5 % Velketor 80 %. 5 minutes: 1: 16: 25: Permafrost Keep: Ice Goblins, slow respawn: 15+ ~16 minutes: 7: 16: 25: Unrest: 1st Floor Center of. Stone Hand with shadowmen (-430, 980) 5. Please like share subscribe comment …. For Free and Silver players, the augments are …. What to Consider Before You Buy a Fixer. ODUS FAYDWER; Zone Connection Map. Other hotspots like South Karana aren't too far either. These swamp loving creatures would like no more than to be left alone but the Trolls of Grobb will have no such thing. Create a new folder called Brewall under Everquest’s map folder (e. Yeah, I did newb zone until I moved to Guk entrance which has some lowbs you can farm. Commonly purchased resist gear to start up your set. a froglok gaz knight; a froglok gaz shaman; a froglok gaz squire; a froglok guard; a froglok neophyte; a froglok realist; a froglok sentinel; a froglok sentry; a froglok shin shaman; a froglok tad; a froglok ton shaman; a froglok ton warrior; a froglok tuk knight; a froglok tuk shaman; a froglok tuk warrior; a froglok witch doctor. mac An Explorer / Traveller Achievement Macro A single-toon macro for earning all non-instanced Explorer / Traveler achievements. from there you can do upper guk, then lower guk around 30, then take lower guk to 46. I was working on Mistmoore hunter achievement on Phinny yesterday and saw several groups going at different times of day, sometimes 20+ players in the zone. Well, there are 2 guk guards and a gaz warrior in the water. The froglok outlander may also spawn in Innothule or Upper Guk (unconfirmed on p99). The area was long ago walled off when it was no longer used, but then became the haven of the seedier elements of area, including the beggars and thieves, smugglers and …. 30-40 (FLYING KICK!!! You never have to go back to a monk trainer again! The world is your oyster!) Split Paw solo Solusk s Eye. Below 75 indicates a experience penalty, and above 75 a bonus. Map was essential as i got lost a number of times. The Warden The Warden is a difficult fight. Yes, I have druid (snare & sow) and cleric (stun) they are lvl 26-29. Summons a random magician pet once spawned. Receive Blessed Book of xxx Culture appropriate to your race. Plane of Water) Ruins of Lxanvom (a. So many spells, so many quests, useless classes, etc are all missing in action. The best dungeons are Upper Guk, Solusek A (camp near the zone to Sol B), Unrest, and Mistmoore. At the release of the Legacy of Ykesha expansion in February of 2003, the in-game lore explained that the Frogloks were blessed by Lord …. Well, like a dolt, I forgot to make sure that Bob was around because you never knowing when pathing issues will get you killed as a class that requires having pets around to solo and your pet is lost. Scalp of the Ghoul Lord :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM. [ hide ] 1 Zone Experience Multiplier (ZEM) 1. Frogloks of Guk These swamp loving creatures would like no more than to be left alone but the Trolls of Grobb will have no such thing. A rotten log in Innothule Swamp and a barricaded door in Upper Guk. Take A Shining Stone to Cynthia in Rathe Mountains in the gypsy camp near Lake Rathetear. 2 Croc Room with Ancient Crocodile who drops Gatorscale Leggings and Sleeves. Charlie Puth Official Fan Club App "humy" Available in Korea. CC and TOFS are also pretty common. chewie single handedly cut the sever pop in half crystalblue single handedly slew some npcs. Shin Gauntlets :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM. you come to in Upper Guk, for instance, is a guaranteed Pet Train generator. This item can be used in tradeskills. (Gorge of King Xorbb) East Commonlands. If you happen to be an INT caster who is masachistic enough to be doing the upper level Concordance of Research runes to raise you research skill, these can be used for the Master level Azia runes. 2nd kill of Nokta Shaman got me the globe. Does anyone have a classic Evil leveling guide? : r/project1999. Buffed up with all spells including SoW before i gated to bind point. The Dungeons, their level range, and their ZEM. Leveling through the dungeons of Everquest in 2014, in free-to-play mode. The trolls fought viciously but …. I made a classic EQ leveling guide. Kill the froglok shin lord in Upper Guk. Can be found in a secret room near the pit with Heart Spiders, near the monk. High Keep – Level 25 – 55 – 150 Modifier – Populated zone. Najena - will get you some levels. Project 1999 EverQuest, Blue server. Be warned, resists and one on one method may cause mana burn and may fail. Everquest Velious Leveling Guide. Lower Guk Upper Guk-Ancient Croc Highhold Keep, you NEED to learn group tactics inside dungeons and you can run to the guards if you have a bad group. 57 Kills & Upper Guk = Ancient Aqueducts. Upper Guk guktop Lower Guk gukbottom Kaladim (B) kaladimb Butcherblock Mountains butcher Ocean of Tears oot Dagnor's Cauldron cauldron Plane of Sky airplane Plane of Fear fearplane Permafrost Keep permafrost Kerra Isle kerraridge Paineel paineel The Plane of Hate hateplane The Arena (A) arena. 9-12 Venture a bit deeper into Upper Guk, turn right towards a watery area. The ogres live in a cave system at the edge of the swamp, while the lizard men have established camps scattered throughout. Upper Guk: South of Priest area basic frogloks: 11-15 ~13. Froglock Tadpole Fleshies; Ranjor's Test; Player crafted. Froglok Blood :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM. This item cannot be purchased from merchants. Need advice on class choice for Oakwynd! Cleric/X. The fact that it's min/max best xp and where everyone goes is just a bonus. Thought people exaggerated how tedious getting that guy was but if the sword is rare, bring a bunch of books my initial plan was to EXP on those guys so it wouldn't be a total waste but getting the decayed armor off the tae ews for the SK epic took longer than expected and when I finally got to upper guk, everything. Skill: 1H Slashing Atk Delay: 34. I was telling someone else about this quest and could not find it anywhere. I've never been so turned off by a game mechanic. Kill the shaman mobs for a shot at an earring of Station and the Legionnaires have a chance. Dangers Upper Guk is an extremely dangerous place to adventure in. This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls. Also drops WR bag! Levels 30-35 Sk - Solo gnolls at Spires, treants, group inside Paw. C:\users\public\Everquest\maps\Brewall) Copy the unzipped map files to this folder. the froglok king :: Bestiary :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Nice upgrade to what I had previously. My girlfriends Enchanter was camping the Scryer in Lower Guk for a quest and was lucky enough to have one of these drop along w/ the items she needed. In lower guk there is a pit that has Frogluk Slaves and they respawn about as quickly as you can kill them. Tarton's Wheel :: Quests :: EverQuest :: ZAM. This guy has several spawn points, two of which are confirmed as being location 110, 100 just to the west of the entrance to Upper Guk, and another at -1211, -383 south and just slightly east of the first point. Ground spawn in Upper Guk in the Scryer Room, roughly 200, -500. The zone can be daunting to navigate but if you take the first right turn possible (with 2-3 froggies in) and get past them, you'll find yourself in an area with a few crocodiles. Lower Egypt is mainly made up of the Nile Delta, while Upper Egypt is the country further south. Upper Guk-100% West Commonlands-0% West Freeport-0% West Karana-0% Faydwer: Ak'Anon-33. I have been trying to work on LDoN missions and though I can get them for Deepest Guk, I cannot manage to find the entrance mechanism. Deepest Guk :: Zones :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Nothing can escape this labyrinth of mud and stone. Fabled Ghoulbane :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Update, now 23 minutes And after 25 minutes, I killed the game, to make sure it wasn't some other issue. You can try Upper Guk but that won't be solo. A Forest Giant Evergreen; Sold by. The epic quest starts with sash and headband quests which can be started and completed fairly early in a monks career. Syllina says, 'I will need the following items to make you a pair of ShadowBound Gloves: Inky Shadow Silk, The Scepter of Tears from the circle-stair-waterfall of Guk, a Hand of Shadow from our mortal enemies the Shadowed Men and a Skeletal finger from a Rathe Giant Skeleton. 28-45 Lower Guk (PoK>Innothule Swamp>Upper Guk>Lower Guk) - Use your map to navigate down to the dead side of Lower Guk. I entered Lower Guk on the Live Side Setup Area (number 4 on EQAtlas map). The path to Lower Guk (part 1). Druid (Pheidippedes) solos the Froglok Summoner in Upper Guk on 1/8/23. Ro / orc highway from about 6-15 before. The zone's performance will affect respawn rates. I got a set of these on a raid, tonite, camping out in the barracks in Upper Guk, hoping to jump the Shin Lord. And, the reason Sebilis frogs give upper guk faction, is back-in-the-day, everyone-and-their-brother was camping the dead frogs in lower guk for faction, so they decided to give players another zone to get faction in. Once you're in Upper Guk getting to Lower Guk is a bit of a pain in the butt. This guide assumes the following: – Your group can kill effectively in the given zone. They spawn in several rooms near the entrance. Thanks for all the suggestions! Guess I'll put my AA exp. Bull alligators can be found just southwest of the So Ro entrance. Home: Forums: Register: Members List: Today's Posts: Search. Shadowknight Epic: Innoruuk's Curse :: Quests :: EverQuest :: ZAM. The tower in the center of the zone is in the path of many a wandering animal and keeps its guards fighting off trouble on a steady basis. Once you are 40 there are more choices on whether you want to camp …. 50 Kills & Mine = Frosted Halls or Silent Gallery or Morbid Laboratory. Placeholder is a fungus man tracker. Both of these drop the head and …. Golden Rod (Rare) [2] 1x 75% (20%) Common Loot Jasper (Rare) [1] 1x 55% (17%) Amber (Rare) [1] 1x 55% (17%) Jade (Rare) [1] 1x 55% (17%) Onyx (Rare) [1] 1x 55% (17%) Froglok Meat (Rare) [1] 1x 55% (16%) …. a black wolf; a brown bear; a mist wolf; a shadow wolf; Sold by. Moonstone Ring Mana Option (Can wear 2) Engineer’s Ring Gnome BiS: SolB: Efreeti Lord Djarn. Upper Guk is a great dungeon from levels 15-35 or so. I like: Newb Zone --> Unrest --> Lower Guk --> City of Mist --> Sebilis ” DBG normalized all the zone exp modifiers a while back to encourage use of others zones for. Tried logging in again, but got Server not Responding. The zone itself is split in two areas, Dead side, on account of the number of undead frogloks (led by the Ghoul Lord), and Live side, home of minotaurs and froglok nobles lead by the Froglok King. A Paladin's Guidebook to Leveling on Live: An Undead. Kill the guards in front of the zoneline to Upper Guk and everything that roams the entrance. A Patch of Shadow from a Shadowed Man (24-26) from many different zones, ex WC. What does this information mean? Find the first symbol in Upper Guk - Head to Font of the Everliving (same room as the named with the constant stream of frogloks coming from the pool). Richmond Hill Toronto - TEMPORARILY CLOSED. Butcherblock Mountains, Commonlands, Everfrost Peaks, Field of Bone, Nektulos Forest, and other zones. We had a bad pull, got wiped, and took too long getting together, going back through Upper Guk, and trying to get all the collection pieces. EQ Map Preservation: Upper Guk (guktop) maps BACK TO INDEX. The Ruins of Kunark expansion was originally released on April 24th, 2000 and expands the level cap from 50-60 while adding quite a new number of zones to the classic. These are found uncommonly in the deeper parts of Upper Guk and commonly near the entrances and northwest rooms of Lower Guk. ⁃ Can run all routes, or specify one or more specific …. Beyond even the lowest depths of Guk, lost Ykeshian ruins wait to be explored. Last couple of days there's like a dozen people and some just soloing or whatever and pretty much all orc camps empty. I looted one off a Froglok Summoner Page top. ok me lvl 27 and friend lvl 26 were doing a good job in guk a few nights ago, we were camped in the G-Spidr room i medded there whilst evry time i was 20 % my friend would pull this guy or the place holder we got 4 ghoul ashes 1 reed ring, 2 chitin shields and a shimmering orb off the sycher in the room nezar the G-spider btw after we left the guy …. Jeweled Skull :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Sol A) Southern Desert of Ro Southern Plains of Karana Splitpaw Temple of Solusek Ro Upper Guk …. Recommended Levels and ZEM List. Its the Reet Crown or something like that, no drop and same stats as froglok crown. The Ghoulbane is in possession of the froglok shin lord in the Ruins of Upper Guk. This is the Lower Guk "Living Side". There are a few dungeons on this list I have never grouped in and that needs to change! My plan is to try and spend 2 full levels in each dungeon, give or take. The outer tunnels are pretty good until 30, at which point you should start pushing into dead side castle area. Outside in Innothule they give -1, but maybe that's not the same here. Obtain Enchanted Platinum Bar Optional section, as the first half of the SK epic can skipped using invis pots (or pre-nerf CoS) and undead invis pots. However it used to be very empty but somehow Guk is very very popular and overcrowded these days I did 37-39 in Highkeep killing guards, but as a Troll always having to drink Shrink potions was a pain. Lower Guk (35-50) Lower Guk is only accessible through Upper Guk. #2 would work but this person in question was unguilded. During the fighting, the stone would be stolen by Clan Broken Skull, but found its way back to Ykesha during. Nokta Shaman spawns at number 3 on the Upper Guk Map. Ancient tales speak of an evil pact between the rulers of the planes of Fear and Hate that spawned this murky wetland. When the Stone is fully enchanted, bring it and the rod to me and I will give you a Rod of Insidious Glamour. 222 poearthb Stronghold of the Twelve. 1 Size: TINY Class: ALL Race: ALL (Rare) [Overall: 6. Hooded Black Cloak Castle Mistmoors, cloaked dhampyre, 33; Molten Cloak Solusek’s Eye, Gabbie Mardoddle, 30; Festering Cloak Unrest, festering hag, 30; Waist. GUK simple directions / P99. Is there an easy way to get to him that is straight forward?. While they are similar, the upper torso and the chest are not the same thing. Starting out I only recommend killing the bandits here but you can eventually move on to the ogres at 3 if you would like to. Moss Mask :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Enchanter Best in Slot (BiS) Gearing Guide. Brazier of Elemental Summoning. Zone Merchant Name Area Loc Ak'Anon: a clockwork jeweler (1348, -884) Ak'Anon: a clockwork merchant (1120, -1035) East Cabilis: Klok Ixmid (659, 156) Dreadlands: Klok F`tshai (780, 9140) East Commonlands: Katha Firespinner (234, 4731) East Commonlands: Lyth Spellstar (269, 4915). The froglok nomads immediately began an assault on the trollish citadel beneath the swamps, hoping to rid the world of what they viewed as evil abominations. These guys are all in the high 30s low 40s. For the evil races + evil deities mentioned above, that will typically mean. You might have better luck in KC as a ranger unfortunately. Spider Silk :: Items :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Much like Unrest it's going to be packed with groups, assuming that Classic is the current expansion. Loot is bad for the amount of hp they take though. Dropped in Upper Guk (LOC:+1425,+280) by a froglok ton knight. a froglok vis knight :: Bestiary :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Location: Shin Lord Room (also called the bar room by some). So far not a single tongue has dropped. Guk is typically divided into two sections, live side and dead side. Deepest Guk: The Cauldron of Lost Souls a Witness of Hate tattler; Deepest Guk: The Chapel of the Witnesses a dazzling oculus; a watchful oculus; a Witness of Hate onlooker; Innothule Swamp fungus-type mobs; Upper Guk a fungus drone; fungus-type mobs. Levels 15-20 WK-mostly bandits Levels 15-20 Lake Rathetear-Aviak guards Levels 15-20 Lavastorm. How to get to and around Lower Guk. Zone : ADD: Additional mob : Needs a Tanking, Mezzing or Parking: AFAIK: As Far As I Know : You're being honest about something: AFK: Away From Keyboard : A message can be placed after /afk to auto reply to sender: AGGRO: …. Upper Guk: If you know where to find the saltwater crocodiles in Upper Guk, head there. The king is a paladin, and has a ton of hitpoints. (#18 on map) the shaman and priestess's share almost the whole loot table of the Named, drop often, and most drops are all/all making. Shin Gauntlets - a froglok shin knight, a froglok shin warrior, a shin ghoul knight (lvls 25-31) in Upper Guk or Lower Guk; Black Silk Gloves - a glyphed aegis, a deathly usher, or a will sapper (lvls 29-31) in Castle Mistmoore; Lambent Star Ruby - Lambent Stone and two Star Rubies to Genni. Lower Guk - at dead side zone to Upper Guk (1197, -217) Mistmoore - at zone to Lesser Faydark (-330, 120) Misty Thicket - just north of gate in wall, on Runnyeye side (0, 0) Mons Letalis - near Mons Seru zone (-1249, -623) Najena - near zone to Lavastorm (-76, 858) Nektulos Forest - on south bank of river west of bridge - (-1201, -259). 12-18ish - WC willowisps and dervish camps. Obtain Ghoulbane - Froglok Shin Lord, Upper Guk - can be a long camp in the "garrison" area past the fungus mutants 4. Heading back to the Chamber of Afterlife and taking the now-opened exit, head down to the Font of the Everliving. High level monsters (froglok foragers and kobold hunters) 3. Watch out for the roaming froglok knights, they appear to walk a little then teleport, and they move fast. You solo well and also group well. a froglok nokta shaman :: Bestiary :: EverQuest :: ZAM. Quote Reply # Mar 17 2017 at 9:48 AM Rating: Decent.